4 quick and the fastest ways to distinguish fake money euro from real ones

About 700 thousand fake money euro  over the past year were launched into circulation by counterfeiters. Such statistics are voiced by employeesk and urge citizens to be vigilant. Anyone can run into trouble, especially given the fact that most often the most popular fake money euro  are falsified - in 20 and 50 euros. They are so convenient to pay, for example, in a cafe or in the market!

About how not to fall for the bait of scammers tells the speaker of the Federal Association of German banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken) Tanya Beller (Tanja Beller). The specialist offers to always check the money received on three main points.

1. Feel the relief
Slightly convex letters you will find on the front side along the left edge. The banknotes from the first series have the letters.. On the new banknotes, this inscription has been changed. All these are abbreviations of the name "European Central Bank" in different languages. In addition, a small relief will be felt on the strips on the right and left edges of the bill.

2. Look at the light

Classics of the genre, the fastest and most effective way to check money. Bring the bill to the light - not necessarily to the lamp, you can look at the sun. On this euro you will see a watermark in the form of numbers indicating its dignity and a portrait of Europe. If viewed on fake money euro  from the front side, the picture will be displayed on the right, on the reverse it will be located on the left and in a mirror image.

3. Check the holograms
They are located on the left side of the front side of the banknote. In the old version it is a small hologram with numbers, and in the new version it is a whole holographic tape all over the left edge. By the way, on the new banknotes, part of this tape is also displayed from the "wrong side" of the banknote - in the form of a small window in which you can see a portrait of Europe already known to us. Light holographic brilliance is also distinguished by numbers: on old money they are purple from the wrong side, on new ones - dark green and from the face.

4. Look at an angle
This method again concerns holograms, to be more precise - multi-colored numbers with a light effect. On the money of the new sample, they are made so that if you change the viewing angle, the light strip moves from top to bottom, and the numbers themselves change color - from emerald green to maroon.

Received money and doubt their authenticity: what to do?

It is better when suspicions arise in you already at the time of the transaction. For example, you buy a car at an online auction and stubbornly want to pay in cash. If possible, you should immediately go to the bank branch and check the money there. You can contact the bank that serves your accounts or any branch of the Bundesbank.

If the idea that you were deceived, came to mind after the transaction, in parallel with the check in the bank, write a statement to the police. So you yourself will avoid a criminal case for the storage and distribution of fake money euro.

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