According to the counterfeiter, buy fake dollars and sales methods

Hello! Today I will tell you how to work competently and safely with buy fake dollars! Let's start with security:

1) You bought bills, go to a given address. To protect yourself: you find a place by coordinates \ photo \ description, dig there a little and quietly move away from this place, 15-20 meters, this is necessary to check whether people in pagons are watching this place. If they are watching, they will come up to you and start asking, but since you have nothing on your hands and you were just looking for "keys", they will quickly fall behind you. If everything is calm - go and raise our treasure.

2) Now attention! Our first rule. Bills never and under no circumstances do not touch with their fingers! Remember that. Therefore, in order to avoid fingerprints on bills, you need to get rid of them, in the cold season, ordinary gloves will do. Also, if it is not cold outside, then remember one method - buy a colorless nail polish at the pharmacy (cost ~ $ 2), cover the fingertips with varnish and let it dry for 2-3 minutes. This will create a kind of protective film and you will be happy. Periodically check for varnish on your fingers and add more if necessary.

3) In gloves or in lacquered fingers, we open the bookmark, take out the bills.

4) Do not keep all the bills in one purse, it is better to take 3 purses, 1 - working, it will have several cards, coins and 1 false bill. 2 - in it you will store all buy fake dollars. 3 - Your main one, in which you will remove the change notes and change.

5) When working with banknotes, it is categorically impossible to go to stores with the presence of surveillance cameras, it is unlikely that they will look for you, but you should not play with fate.

6) Opening hours are better after 17:00 to 20:00, here in the stores should be cash, and they have not yet been inakhissed.

7)  Do not work in large markets, where the main sellers, if suddenly you are suspected, then it will be much more difficult to get away from there.

8) If the store suspected that the bill is fake, then in 99% of cases you just give it back, while you play a scene of bewilderment and misunderstanding. But there are other situations when they do not want to give the bill, then you need to try to buy fake dollars (by any method, ask, snatch, etc.) and quickly leave there. Where and how to work? Let's start in order:

1) Appearance: 1.1 You should look decent, without sweatpants and jackets, clean clothes, clean hair. 1.2 Your work wallet should not be empty, there should be cards and trifles

2) Approximate places of work: 2.1 Small towns are ideal, I am telling you not about an urban-type settlement, but also not about New York. In such cities, the people are more relaxed and naive. You can easily talk to them, they don't even look at the bills. They also have a lot of newspaper, tobacco, etc. stalls, and this is very good. 2.2 We need small kiosks that do not have cameras. Such as tobacco, flowers, vegetables, repairing anything and so on.

3) Work plan: - You enter the store or approach the markets, calmly and without nerves, see what products there are, choose something, in parallel communicate with the seller. Everything is done as usual, nothing supernatural. You take something for 5 dollars, take out your wallet, dig into the small things, all the business. You give a bill. There are no difficulties, the main thing is calmness and accurate calculation. The first time is scary to buy fake dollars and then even fun. Here we told you how to protect yourself and an approximate work plan. But how to earn a good amount on this? It's pretty simple. This is the experience of one person who worked according to the scheme that we have just told you.

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