Anonymous surfing: Tor Browser for Android is here. Instruction.

The anonymizing Tor Browser is now available for download in Google Play.

Owners of an Android smartphone or tablet who value anonymity and privacy when browsing can now install the Tor Browser on their device. The app is available on the official App Store Google Play. Previously, Android users had to use Orfox for anonymous browsing. The developers want to discontinue this app in early 2019.

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In order for the Tor Browser to run on Android, you still have to install the proxy app Orbot. In addition, the developers are currently implementing the connection to the anonymizing Tor network. This compulsion should be eliminated with the finished version.

The release is an alpha version that is supposed to be the same as the desktop version in terms of anonymity, the Tor developers assure in a blog post. If you want to use the Tor Browser on Android, you should be aware of the alpha stage. The output is not immune from bugs and can crash at times.

Encrypted and without tracking

If you surf over the Tor network on the Internet, the connection to web pages is encrypted several times, so that eavesdroppers are locked out. The Tor Browser also blurs traces on the web by, for example, accessing web pages in isolation. This is how page visitors run track trackers and advertisements into the void. In addition, every restart of the browser causes cookies to be deleted. In addition, Tor prevents websites from reading information about devices and users.

In countries with blocked websites, the Tor Browser is often the only chance to move through the Internet without censorship. This benefits, for example, dissidents or journalists. An iOS version is not currently scheduled. The Tor developers refer to the Onion Browser here. For desktop computers, the Tor Browser has recently been released in version 8.0.

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