Six years in prison for administrator of Darknet Marketplace

Six years in prison for administrator of Darknet Marketplace

Weapons and drugs were sold on the platform, as well as money laundering.

An administrator of the illegal darknet marketplace "Fraudsters" has been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison. The district court of Bad Kreuznach in Rhineland-Palatinate found the 34-year-old guilty on Monday of forming a criminal association and aiding and abetting hundreds of crimes committed on the darknet marketplace, including counterfeiting, money laundering, data laundering and illicit trafficking in narcotics. According to heise, there are 113 criminal cases, of which 109 he was accused of aiding and abetting.

Everything except murder and child pornography

"Fraudsters" - English for fraudsters - are said to have had a lively exchange of offences on the internet for several years until spring 2019, including illegal goods such as drugs or forged identity cards. Apart from child pornography and murder orders, everything was supposed to have been available on the platform, prosecutor Jürgen Bauer heise announced. The majority of those responsible for the platform are still unknown. At times, 30,000 users are said to have been registered on the platform. A total of 1,700 offences related to "fraudsters" have been investigated since 2016.

The now convicted 34-year-old is said to have joined shortly after the launch of the platform, which can be accessed via the darknet marketplace in March 2016. He made payments with Bitcoin by accepting and forwarding them. In return, he received five percent of the amount sent. The judgment is not yet final.

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