Authenticity of $100, methods for determining fake dollars easily

A special risk arises when making large transactions when set out in cash in foreign currency.

In order to avoid deception, we recommend that you read this article and study the information on how to distinguish a dollar from a fake dollars.

The most popular foreign banknote is one hundred US dollars, so we will focus on this money.

$100 authentication

So how do you verify the authenticity of $100?

At the moment, there are two types of this banknote in circulation - old and new.

The first thing to do is to consider who is depicted on the $100 bill – a portrait of Benjamin Franklin should be placed on the front side.

Then touch the money. If the banknote is printed on paper, it is a fake $ 100. Real dollars are printed on a special coating of a mixture of linen and cotton. In this regard, the bill is difficult to bend and tear. The surface of real money is a bit rough and in some parts relief.

Now you need to pay attention to the thickness of the banknote - fake money is thinner than the original. In the technical process of printing original money, high pressure is applied to the canvas, which counterfeiters cannot achieve (no matter how thin the paper is, it will not be able to replace the press).

At the moment, there are two types of this banknote in circulation - old and new

How to verify the authenticity of 100 dollars of the old sample?

Among the hundred dollars of the old sample, fake dollars are much more common. Let us consider in more detail the original banknotes.

  1. Focus on the frame of the bill. These banknotes have a clear and continuous fringe.

The methods of printing real and counterfeit money are significantly different, so fake money will have blurred and poorly expressed ornaments.

  1. Take a closer look at the portrait,which on the original banknote is realistic, stands out against the general background and has a detailed drawing.

In addition, on one side of the portrait through microprinting is placed the inscription - The United States of America. In order to consider it, you will need a magnifier.

  1. Map the serial numbers. They can be found on the front side on the left and right - they must match.
  • If the color of the ink is different, then this is not a real bill;
  • In the event that you have several 100 dollar bills, then make sure that they have different numbers. If they are the same, then you have fake money.

On counterfeit banknotes, the portrait is made dimly, and there are no details.

  1. Bring the banknote to the light. On the bill there should be a protective strip on which the word USA is placed, and behind it the denomination is 100.
  2. You also need to pay attention to the presence / absence of a watermark. It is on the right side of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin. On the reverse side, the sign can also be considered.
  1. Look at the image on the back. There should be an image of the front façade of Independence Hall.

100 dollars of a new sample

The new $100 bill remains virtually unheeded by counterfeiters, as it contains specific security signs that are quite difficult to forge.

Although among them you can find fake dollars - scammers take as a basis that not many are familiar with the new 100 dollar bill.

Every new $100 has security signs, which can be found below:

  1. Watermark (image of Benjamin Franklin);
  2. Three-dimensional protective tape;
  3. Light blue color of the banknote;
  4. Symbol of freedom, phrases from the Declaration of Independence, pen;
  5. Relief printing;
  6. Iridescent number;
  7. Inkwell with a bell disappearing when tilted;
  8. Signature of the U.S. Treasury Secretary on the right side;
  9. Protective thread with the letters USA and the number 100;
  10. Changes in the portrait. Compared to the old banknotes, the portrait is shifted slightly to the left, enlarged and not framed;
  11. A unique combination of 11 symbols, which is repeated twice on the front side of the banknote;
  12. Number 100 golden color on the reverse side;
  13. An image of the rear façade of Independence Hall is presented.

How is $100 forged?

There are several common ways:

  • As a basis, take a banknote of a smaller denomination (1 or 5 dollars), wash off the paint from it and apply the image of 100 dollars. Such a fake dollars is very difficult to calculate, since the paper of the bill will be original, and watermarks will be visible. However, the portrait will be different, so it is important to know who is depicted on the $100 bill.
  • Add two zeros on the $1 note. Such a fake dollars is easier to distinguish. But if in doubt, there is no need to take risks. It is advisable to contact the bank to establish authenticity with the help of an ultraviolet lamp - a prominent protective strip will become visible, and the bill will acquire a pink tint.

Where do counterfeit dollars occur?

Scammers are often excellent psychologists who can create a stressful situation when making a transaction, and people will not carefully consider money. Also, scammers usually rush people or make an exchange in the dark.

The victims of fraudsters in most cases are those people who have never seen a hundred US dollars. In this regard, deceivers operate near railway stations and airports. This is especially true of those cities to which villagers and rural residents often come. Criminals want to enrich themselves through financial illiteracy.

Particular attention should be focused on a large transaction, for example, the purchase of an apartment or a car. Scammers can mix genuine dollars and fake dollars. This is done on the basis that no one will verify the authenticity of each dollar.

What to do if you find counterfeit banknotes 100 dollars

The first thing to do is to report to the police. And in no case can you keep them at home or try to pay for the purchase of goods - for this criminal liability is due. A person can be accused of storing and distributing counterfeit bills.

If possible, remember the person from whom you received this money. It is also advisable to remember the place, time and circumstances of the transaction. This information will be valuable to police officers.

It is necessary to put a fake banknote in a clean package, minimizing the touch of the bill - the chance to punish counterfeiters will be high.

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