Basic concepts of carding. Briefly about the essence of carding forum


Drop - a person who is an intermediary in the delivery of goods. For example, you are carding an item in the US,so the delivery will be in that country. You need to find a person who lives in the United States and is ready to receive stolen goods to his address, answer questions from the managers of the online store and is also ready for a police visit. Takes half of the cost of goods.Veshchevuha - a kind of virtual carding,when scammers buy not electronic goods (scripts, links, designs, games, books), but real physical things.

CC – credit card.

Drive – the process of buying using someone else's card.

Dump carding is a type of real carding, when fraudsters create a dump (copy) of victims' credit cards.

Shop is an online store, which, as a rule, is poorly protected.

Socks - socks, proxies, will help to change the IP address to replace your location.

Dedik is a remote computer that is needed to replace your location.

Briefly about the essence of virtual cardig and sbout carding forum

In short, the principle is this: you take a hacked card (cardboard or CC,as they are called) - it can be bought or even found for free on special forums.

As a rule, the source of cards are hackers who hack into the databases of online stores where customer details are stored. This applies only to small traders, because large projects are more secure.

Then you need to ensure your security so that you are not calculated by your IP. To do this, buy socks (soks) or use a grandfather (remote computer). This is necessary both to hide your IP address and to simulate the location of the cardholder. That is, if the cardholder lives in the United States, Nevada, and you are trying to "drive" the card from the IP of another country, or even a state, then the security system may not miss the payment.

Then you need to find an online store where you will "drive" the cards into the product. If we talk about duffel (buying things), then you are better off find a droper,he will take the goods to his address, they also take on the police. In such cases, if you have a laptop worth $ 1000, then the droper can give you the goods, but you will owe him $ 500, or the droper keeps a laptop, and you give $ 500 - half of the goods.

Although perhaps since that time the whole system has changed and already the services of dropers are much more expensive, or maybe cheaper?

What is carding?

Carding is a fraud, through certain operations with bank cards.
Well, as you understand, a person who is engaged in carding is a scammer.
If I'm not mistaken, there are two types of this kind of fraud: real and virtual carding.

I'm unfamiliar with real carding, but if I'm right, it involves using a physical bank card (plastic). As a rule, the goal of fraudsters is to steal the card itself and the pin code from it.

To find out the pin code can use small video cameras, overhead films for the keyboard and, probably, other tricks.

To get the card, they can brazenly steal it or "upgrade" the ATM so that it will take the card from the owner himself.

There are also special overlays on the hole for plastic cards, passing through which attackers read information from the chip and make a duplicate card.
This also includes the registration of loans, calls to the owner of a bank card with a request to name the pin code or CVV code of the card, as well as various fraudulent activities with online banking.

Carding is a business, and not a small one... Even carding beginners will be able to. So, for example, there are many carding forum, as a rule, the best carding forum are closed, and access can be obtained only in two cases: by paying well or by finding a guarantor who is already registered on the forum. Virtual carding is a more passive scam, and the notch is that the thief doesn't even have to leave the chair. They start stealing online, and that's where they end.

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