Buy euro counterfeit banknotes from the Darknet : A fifty for 1.90 euros

There are also can buy euro counterfeit banknotes on the Darknet.

For criminals, it is obviously particularly worthwhile to imitate the 50-euro note. A new note should make the popular banknote even safer. But in the Darknet, flowers are available for a ridiculous price. it is easier and easier to buy super notes online through the darknet after buy euro counterfeit banknotes in our country through the darknet are sold to other countries

Ein "false fifties" or "fuffziger" stands colloquially for a person who cannot be trusted. However, some people also mean a flower, i.e. a fake 50-euro note. However, the exact origin of this name has still not been clarified. According to some experts, this could have originally meant imitation 50-thaler notes in the 19th century. Others point to false 50-pfennig coins. There is a lot of offers on the darknet to buy euro counterfeit banknotes.

What is certain, however, is that it is apparently particularly worthwhile for criminals to imitate the 50-euro note. According to data from the Deutsche Bundesbank, it is by far the most frequently counterfeit note. In 2016, it took first place among all euro flowers with almost 50,000 counterfeits discovered – a share of a good 60 percent. Even among the legal banknotes, the 50-euro note is in first place. With more than eight billion copies, it is the most frequently used denomination in the euro area, according to the Bundesbank. These banknotes are buy super notes online.

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Nevertheless, the days of the old 50-euro note are numbered. As early as next Tuesday, a new note of the so-called Europe series will be circulated in all 19 member states of the euro area. In mid-March, the new fifties were presented to the public for the first time with bolder colors, an emerald green number and a transparent window in which a portrait of the mythological figure "Europe" appears on both sides of the banknote – in the right light. This note complements the new €5, €10 and €20 banknotes already introduced.

Presentation of the ECB : This is the new 50-euro note

Where are the flowers?

Although the old fifties retain its validity. But according to the experience so far, the new note will quickly find its way into the wallets of German citizens, say the experts of the Bundesbank. When the previous denominations were introduced, it took between two and three months in Germany for more new banknotes to be in circulation than those of the old series. The older ones will be successively withdrawn from circulation. According to the central bankers, the initial equipment with the new notes will comprise 5.4 billion units weighing 5400 tonnes. The cost of the new notes should be 10 cents per piece, so far it was 6 to 8 cents.


The new note is considered to be particularly forgery-proof. This also underpins the falling number of flowers of the other denominations, which have already been renewed, according to the Bundesbank. However, since the old notes retain their validity, the counterfeiters would not actually have to try their hand at the new notes, but could continue to rely on the old counterfeits. Then the old note may be noticed sometime between all the new notes. But who knows in a few years so exactly what the old one looked like back then?


And where are there actually flowers? Somewhere in the winding channels of the Internet, almost everything can be found – even what you should not even look for. A 50-euro flower on the Darknet should cost around 1.90 euros. In any case, this is what Vexcash, a provider of short-term loans via the Internet, has found out. But "Anyone who imitates or falsifies banknotes, or obtains buy euro counterfeit banknotes or falsified banknotes and places them on the market, will not be punished with imprisonment of less than two years." In any case, this could be read on the old D-Mark notes. On the super euro notes – old and new – this is no longer written. But dealing with false fifties has not become less punishable because of this.






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