Buy passport: European passport 100% legal way for only 3000 euros!

People who dream of moving to Europe, sooner or later see on the Internet advertising about obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or passport of one of the EU countries in just a few months and for a ridiculous amount of € 3000. From this article you will learn whether it is possible to believe such ads and whether it is legal to get a passport for such money.

Sites for the sale of passports of EU countries

Sites offering to buy passport on the cheap - both one-page and full-fledged - is a whole genre. Behind each of them hides a cheerful charage, occupying the weaning of excess money from solvent citizens of the countries of the former USSR under the pretext of "buying an EU passport" for a conditional 3,000 euros. However, the fun thing about them is the combination of their advertising with what they actually offer.

Look: in this case, for example, advertising offers "residence permit in GERMANY".

However, when we follow the link, the first thing we see is the headline: "WHY ROMANIA".

And it really is not clear: why suddenly Romania, when there was just Germany?

More precisely, it is just clear: to get a residence permit in Germany, giving 3,000 euros to crooks, is obviously impossible,and the German authorities will not pat the head for such applications.

But for the purchase of a set of forged archival documents to confirm the Romanian roots, this amount is quite enough! And there are even chances that it will get through, and once the passport will be issued. And that it will be necessary to extend it then somehow - so these are unnecessary details, you do not need to think about them.

How the client is lured

1. You see an advertisement about buy passport of prosperous EU countries: Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden. Follow the link to the page where the passports of the following countries will already appear: Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary.

2. The site presents a bunch of items describing the advantages of living in Europe, and why move here. The pros of one another are more beautiful.

  • You will have a guarantee of material well-being!
  • A passport of an EU citizen will allow you to travel freely, you do not need visas to work or study in any EU state.
  • You will be completely free!
  • You will be able to go to gay prides.
  • In Europe, a high level of social support and simply excellent medical care.
  • You can move to Europe, sit on a very large social allowance with your children and live happily.
  • Visa-free travel to 180+ countries!

3. Also on the site there will be advertising booklets with information that you will be helped to immigrate, will provide a full package of services, experienced lawyers will lick you from head to toe, and you will become a citizen of the European Union.

4. Do not forget about the beautiful presentation of information. Usually the following documents are listed that you are guaranteed to receive: a certificate of passing an exam in the language, a residence permit, permanent residence or a passport.

And what is the scheme of work of such people?

One of the main features of organizations dealing with passports is the "search for roots", i.e. grandmothers, great-grandmothers who lived in certain territories, for example, in Bessarabia, which theoretically can serve as a basis for issuing you a passport as a holder of ethnic roots. As they like to write on their websites: "You may not know that you have such roots, but our specialists will definitely find them." In fact, let's say, a significant percentage of these organizations are engaged in the production of forged documents and, in some cases, in a certain way contributes to the fact that these forged documents were considered as real.

There are those who work honestly and only with those who really have the right to obtain a passport for repatriation. But it's boring, tedious and quite difficult, and here we are talking about wonderful people offering services to a wide audience and completely "turnkey".

How much do these kinds of services cost?

Buying a passport of an EU country, a residence permit or permanent residence under a fake or semi-lipo scheme can cost completely different amounts. Someone takes for their services 2000-5000 euros, someone wants tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros. It all depends on the audience to which a particular office is oriented.

The final amount depends on the scheme according to which they will work with you, the arrogance of the intermediary, additional costs.

Some clients believe that the cooler the office of such a firm, the more beautiful the secretary, the more serious the lawyer looks, the heavier the contract, and the more money was given, the more likely it is that they will quickly make a passport, and everything will be OK.

The result in most cases is quite predictable: the client really prepares a package of documents that looks solid, in which there are various beautiful papers in a foreign language with signatures-seals. This package of documents the client can even submit to the competent authorities of the country of entry, and they will even be accepted, but the result is often not at all what was expected.

In this sense, those who sell passports behave more honestly than anyone else: there, as a rule, the case ends really with a passport, and problems arise much later, and below we will talk about this.

Those who contact intermediaries for residence permits/ permanent residence, as a rule, become simply victims of misinformation and non-reservations. The most common in our Czech Republic, for example, is the so-called "work visa to the Czech Republic", which everyone wants and happily buy passport. Later, having received it and arrived, people learn that, in fact, with this "work visa" they can do anything here, but not work, but taxes, insurance and contributions to funds are obliged to pay every month.

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