Buying currency - how to determine euro banknotes the authenticity?

No one is immune from fakes - check the bills always!

The technologies used by counterfeiters today have reached a high level: it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish a real bill from a counterfeit one. But knowing some nuances, you can protect yourself from unpleasant consequences.

The first of these is the convexity of the inscriptions and the quality of the paper. They can be clearly felt on the surface. In addition, experts recommend paying close attention to the quality of the paper: only cotton is used for its manufacture, which makes euro banknotes special to the touch, giving them thinness and density. Fakes tend to be much softer – they look more like plain paper. When buying fake euros online you need to be careful as it is illegal.

The next sign confirming the authenticity of the euro banknotes is the presence of watermarks. They are clearly visible when viewed on the lumen. In addition, there will be a protective strip and complementary numbers..

The third characteristic feature becomes obvious when viewing the banknote at an angle of 45 degrees: the image on the hologram begins to change. If we are talking about banknotes in denominations from 5 to 20 euros, then a golden stripewill be visible. If we are talking about banknotes in denominations from 50 to 500 euros, then in this case the denomination will change its color..

Another striking sign of a genuine bill is a protective thread. If you look closely, then on the lumen it can be studied in more detail. We are talking about the fact that on the protective thread in small print the word euro banknotes is applied and the denomination of the banknote is indicated.

Microprinting is another confirmation that a genuine bill has fallen into the hands. If you look closely, you can see a microprint in the middle of some letters. An important point: these symbols should be clearly visible and readable well.

You can also distinguish a genuine bill from a fake one with the help of ultraviolet light. Also buy fake euros online is possible with the help of the dark web. When it hits the euro, the EU flag will turn green, and its stars will turn orange. In addition, it will change its shade to greenish and the signature of the Chairman of the EBU. There are such euros that after buy fake euros online you cannot even distinguish them from real. It is worth noting that the ring and stars glow when ultraviolet light hits only on the front side of the banknote. On the other side they are replaced by the designated denomination and the image of the bridge. At the same time, they change the shade to yellow..

Knowing at least a few of these rules, you can protect yourself from the actions of fraudsters. It is necessary to carefully check the bills every time, not succumbing to persuasion and other tricks.

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