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The question of buying cards, although not the most extensive and deep part of carding, but still contains many pitfalls. In addition to questions about how to find a good merchant on carding forums and cardboard of which bank to choose, there is another important point: the level of the card. It would seem, why take some incomprehensible expensive SS level Signature, when the same seller offers for a much more modest price Classic? That's what we're going to discuss now.

But first of all, it is necessary to mention such a thing as limits. Let's imagine that you have a certain card with a very good balance on your hands. On the joys you find the shop you need, do all the necessary operations and... You get rejected.

Double-check everything you can, try again - failure. Perhaps the problem is the shop? Look for another place, repeat and get a blocked card. What's the problem? And the fact that if the monthly spending on this card was 200-300 dollars, and you are trying to buy goods for two thousand, the bank will automatically block the operation. This factor must be taken into account already when choosing cardboard, otherwise you will just get wasted money.

So, back to the question of SS levels. In total, there are five types:

  1. Classic. The most common, the cheapest and the riskiest. The problem is that I give them to almost anyone - and therefore, there is a high probability of stumbling upon a card with a balance of a couple of dollars. Of course, you can try to drive in this amount, but does it make sense to spend your time and effort on this? Another disadvantage is that the probability that a credit line will be opened is extremely small. And to get a refusal because of exceeding the limit is extremely simple.
  2. Gold. It's a little better, but still risky. Can be used to drive inexpensive things or electronic gifts, tickets and other things. Of the pros - quite often there are cards with the ability to reset by ZIP-code. The balance is still unpredictable.
  3. Platinum. This is where the more interesting things start. The main differences from the previous point are a more interesting amount of money in the account and often an open credit line. You can drive with a pure soul stuff, more or less expensive electronic purchases.
  4. Signature. Premium cards. The balance is almost always solid, it is difficult to get data on such cards, so get ready to thoroughly invest in the purchase. In addition, the security system for such cards works much better - you will have to do everything as carefully as possible. But as a result, you can easily drive, for example, electronics at a price of 2-3 thousand dollars, which is definitely worth it.
  5. Business. Business card. Balances less than 10 thousand are extremely rare. The credit limit is very impressive, and usually does not cause questions from the bank. As the address of the cardholder is almost always indicated his place of work. As a result , you can drive almost anything - the funds will be enough. The price, meanwhile, is appropriate.

So, before you buy a card on the carding forum, and we collect carding forum links on the carding forum list ask yourself: what are you going to do with it in the end? For what purposes do you need it? After that, choose the jar and the level of cardboard that suits you best, and go ahead.

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