Child darknet forum on the darknet: charges brought against operators

Child forum on the darknet: charges brought against operators

The man is also said to have seriously abused children, including two babies.

The Darknet is a largely anonymous network in which many criminals roam due to anonymity.

Dresden The Dresden Public Prosecutor's Office has brought charges against a 38-year-old man who allegedly co-operated a darknet forum on the exchange of child pornography on the anonymous darknet. He is also accused of sexually abusing children in 18 cases. The victims are two girls aged seven and eight and two babies from his circle of friends and acquaintances, the prosecutor's office and the Federal Criminal Police Office announced on Friday. The abuses are said to have occurred between April 2013 and April 2020, in a town near Meissen and on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom.

The aim of the darknet internet forum, which the man ran with other gang members, was a longer-term exchange of child and juvenile pornography, it was said. After years of investigation, the man was identified in the spring and arrested on May 19. He is in custody and has reportedly admitted the charges in full. The European police agency Europol was also involved in the investigation of the Federal Criminal Police Office.

According to investigators in Hesse, a buddy of his has already been sentenced to several years in prison. It is now up to the Regional Court of Dresden to decide on the admission of the charges and to set a date for the main hearing. Corona: 150 intensive care patients in the Charité alone

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