CIA legal jobs: Apply to cia, requirements, cia agent salary

As children, we all played special agents and dreamed of fighting evil.

Few of us imagined that today, to become an employee of the intelligence service, to be recruited, you just need to fill out a questionnaire via the Internet and send it by clicking on the "Apply to cia" button on the website of the Central Intelligence Agency..

In the section "Career and internships" it is said that there is no such work anywhere in the world (There's no other career like a CIA career), and that from now on every day will not be the same (No day will be the same. The site presents a whole cia legal jobs insufficient detail. There are among the proposals and quite ordinary positions. For example, an internal auditor, a librarian, an employee of the HR department. However, after reading the full interview procedure, it becomes clear that there are no "simple" positions in the CIA. All future employees must undergo a full medical examination, take the cia personality test, polygraph interview, fill out questionnaires for personality assessment, withstand an internal security check, where every stage of their lives before the CIA is subject to analysis. It is characteristic of the United States that those who want to get into the administration should not be convicted of using drugs in the last 12 months. On the site there is a warning that the tests, in which case, will necessarily reveal prohibited drugs and it is better for applicants not to joke with the CIA.

Also, the intelligence agency needs: cartographers, geologist, specialist of the publications department, information specialist, psychiatrist, ethics consultant.

Surprisingly, the site even has a "security agent"position. In the cia legal jobs description, you can see very interesting duties: "Typical duties of a security agent include deploying activities around the world and performing special operations at the request of the defense attorney (CIA). Security agents are constantly called in to participate in gatherings and prepare for operational tasks. It is expected that they will work overtime, the period of intensive work will last from 45 to 60 days. The number of annual business trips is large, employees will adhere to the schedule."

Looking in the open section "Secret Service" (Cladestine Service),we can find vacancies "officer of paramilitary operations", "cia personality test skills". The tasks of such a person are participate in intelligence operations and help American politicians in dangerous harsh conditions abroad. Upon successful completion of the interview, the employee is trained under a special secret program (Clandestine Service Trainee (CST) Program). Agents will develop their skills  support the CIA in the field of media, as well as use their technical, military, aviation, maritime experience.
Those who wish should show developed critical thinking, excellent oral and written communication skills and maintain a positive attitude. And finally, applicants must be U.S. citizens.

The career center provides an opportunity to respond one or more cia legal jobs (up four). Almost all positions require you to move to Washington, and the average annual cia agent salary is from 50 to 200 thousand dollars. Career growth is also possible in the CIA, this allows for the growth of cia agent salary over time

The CIA advises not spread much family members, friends and other employers about their admission the intelligence ad service and promises give additional explanations on this topic later. Many choose such work because of its prestige. The work of analysts in various regions and countries of the world involves the preparation of reports directly for the President of the United States.
According to Frederick's employee, he is very encouraged by the fact that decisions are made based on your own observations and analysis, which you share in reports. Lisa, the Middle East Region Manager, is happy have been able to learn three foreign languages during her time in management. Pamela, the contract coordinator of the procurement department, says that she likes feel an integral part of a very important team.

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