Cloned cards are sold shop cloned debit cards cheap and fast

The hacker group began selling a device that allows you to instantly "clone" credit cards equipped with RFID chips at a distance of 15 cm. The device is easy to hide under clothes and is very difficult to detect. Attackers sell their product in the open: the site is available to everyone. Previously, the darknet was used for such "services". Then hackers sell cloned cards through shop cloned debit cards.

Big upgrade

A group of hackers called CC Buddies has begun an open sale of a malicious contactless credit card reader and cloning device equipped with RFID chips. The new device is capable of copying 21 credit cards per second. CC that are sold in the shop cloned debit cards. Then they are bought by various people who want quick earnings.

In 2016, the same attackers sold a similar device, but with more modest characteristics: their Infusion X5 allowed to clone up to 15 CC per second. For successful cloning, it was necessary that the device was located very close to the map - no more than 8 cm The new version, called X6, works from a distance of 15 cm.

Close unfriendly contact

Reading CC requires close contact with a potential victim; however, in public transport during rush hour, when people are forced to snuggle up to each other, intruders armed with such devices have a chance for a rich catch. This chance was already good when the devices worked from a distance of 8 cm, and it is even more good when the working distance doubles. The problem is that after cloning CC, the sale takes place on the darknet shop cloned. debit cards. This allows them to secretly do their deeds.

The device itself is small and equipped with a fastener on the arm, so that it can easily be hidden under a long sleeve. This makes it doubly dangerous: the probability of its detection tends to zero.

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