Cloned credit cards as a type of fraud people on the darkweb

Creating cloned credit cards can be considered as an option for international fraud, its use brings really tangible losses to cardholders around the world. The amounts of funds that fall into the hands of fraudsters are estimated at billions of dollars. At the same time, the cost of committing a fraudulent transaction may be minimal.

In order to make a copy of the credit card, it is necessary to use a special reader - a skimmer, which is installed in or near the card acceptor of the ATM and when entering the card into it allows attackers to seize the information they need. Card data can be transferred even outside the country where specialists in this field make copies of them. Such a fraud mechanism does not allow timely tracking of criminals and preventing their activities. Cloned credit cards, professionally made, can be used by their new owners, while the victim himself may not have an idea that the card is hackeduntil the funds begin to slowly disappear from it or (in the worst case) completely disappear from the account.

Creating cloned credit cards is a type of forgery, which involves making an exact copy of a credit card with the personal data of its real owner. Also on such a card, the number and digital code are knocked out, which makes it almost impossible to suspect a fake in this product.

To obtain a copy of the card data, not only electronic equipment can be used, through which the card is passed and which is installed in the ATM. You can also consider the information necessary for fraudsters when receiving a card for payment for goods or services. In the event that an employee of a restaurant, gas station or other object receives a credit card as a settlement tool, then he can use it not only in the terminal, but also imperceptibly for the owner to pass it through a special device, which will allow fraudsters to get unhindered access to money and they will make a cloned credit cards.

In order to minimize the possibility of attackers gaining access to funds, it is necessary, in the opinion of visitors to our site, to be vigilant when using the card and when cashing out funds. In addition, if the limit on the card is an impressive amount, it makes sense not to use it everywhere, but to issue an additional card, on which to keep the minimum amount that may be necessary for settlements for a certain period of


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