Corona vaccine from the Darknet. Is it safety, where can we buy?

Drugs, weapons or child pornography - the Darknet is considered a dark backyard, in which it leaves pretty much everything, which is lucrative for criminals.  In view of the scarcity of Corona vaccines, the trade with these substances now flowers there, say security research and the BBC.

On the one hand there is the luxury vaccination tourism: There are some people to Dubai in the vaccination vacation to protect themselves from any other against Corona.  At the same time, the number of corona vaccine doses offered in the Darknet rises to report security researchers from Checkpoint and a team of BBC.


Rising offer not only vaccines


Compared to the beginning of the year, a tripling is to be observed: the more than 1000 advertisements are thus relatively easy if you enter the digital underworld via the gate browser.  It is available in Darknet but not only vaccines, but also fake vaccine certificates or false negative coronate test certificates.

     "The last in the headlines, AStraZeneca vaccine costs in the Darknet with about $ 500 per dose least."

What is a vaccine dose in the Darknet is on the vaccine.  The ranking of prices is not surprising, says our network reporter Andreas Noll.  The most recently criticized AstraZeneca vaccine is $ 500 on the "cheapest", then Johnson & Johnson, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and finally for $ 700, the Chinese Vakzin Sinopharm.

The vaccine doses in the US are supposed to be allegedly overnight and in the rest of the world via Express also very fast.  There are also quantity discounts.  Deals can be found by Anonymous providers from the farther countries, but also from Germany, Spain or France.


Do the vaccine doses exist at all?


Whether the black market operates here trading with real existing vaccine doses - or whether products are advertised here, which are not available in truth at all

 - The researchers could not clearly clarify.  In a test purchase you tried, they actually came across a scamming that has not delivered.  But that does not suggest that all offers must be.
No guarantees

The European Police Department Europol has already warned past year before fake vaccines.  How to get involved from the Western European perspective on such offers is difficult to imagine, says Andreas Noll: Potential customers receive neither a certified warranty that it is really about the ordered vaccine, nor a hedge that even during transport  All regulations were complied with so that the vaccine is even more effective.

 "Which extent to the black market activities can not be seriously assessed with the publicly available information." Nevertheless: the Corona vaccine is currently so popular worldwide that it is safe

Arz market activities, says our network reporter.  What extent these have, however, do not really reliably assess themselves reliably with the public available information.
Experts recommend cross-national documentation

This is also the same for trading in fake vaccination certificates.  The certificates are available from about $ 150 in Darknet, be paid with Bitcoin.  People who engage in there is a high risk.  Because for the fake vaccination certificate, you must disclose your true identity.  The fact that the head of the checkpoint research group of purchases in the Darknet - whether the certificate or vaccine - urgently trusts is very surprising.

The authorities who want to proceed against these Darknet offers, the security experts recommend a counterfeiting-safe and cross-national documentation of Corona vaccinations with QR codes.  Only in this way is counterfeiting quickly.

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