Dark web marketplaces: everything that can be bought on the shadow markets

An anonymous platform for trading attracts ordinary users with its goods that you will not find in a regular store. Paying with cryptocurrency, each user will be able to order a product or service in which he is interested in a dark web marketplaces. Darknet stores are not a monopoly. In this place, different sellers exhibit goods and offer services that are simply impossible to find in the usual market.

There is also a platform for the marketplace, where the seller pays a commission for each transaction made. You may have heard the name of a major Internet resource: the Silk Road. So, its owner, admins and some sellers have been sentenced, and at the moment they are serving their sentences in places not so remote. Let me remind you that Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the anonymous Silk Road trading platform, is serving a life sentence for trading in prohibited substances, hacking, money laundering and ordering six murders.

What is a dark web marketplaces

The darknet,or as it is also called the "Dark Web", is a hidden network that ensures the anonymity of the user. Its web pages are not shown in the results of search queries in regular search engines. All links to hidden services sites are in a special Wikipedia. Some of them can only be accessed by reference, others through a password. A regular browser will also not work, you will need to install a special browser.

An anonymous online trading platform is a place where prohibited goods and services are offered.

I want to clarify that the information I share with you is provided for informational purposes only. I am not an intermediary and do not recommend visiting such web resources in search of prohibited goods and services.

Official website of the darknet: assortment

It is also worth mentioning that not all users visit darknet stores in order to buy something prohibited or order a service. Many are simply dismantled by curiosity. What can you buy there?

Here is the main list of services and goods:

  • The new online is personality. Here you can start a new life. For a certain amount, hackers will create a new "real" page in social networks with a different name, surname and other data.
  • False documents (passport, passport, ID-passport, birth certificate, diplomas, fake insurance policy).
  • Prohibited drugs.
  • Medication. Both prohibited drugs (strong psychotropic drugs) and those that are smuggled from the United States can be presented on sale.
  • Weapon. In official dark web marketplaces you can buy firearms, grenades, explosives.
  • Cars with broken numbers.
  • Stolen credit card data, or things bought with such cards - carding .
  • Bacteria, viruses, etc. Goods of this kind are very rare, but there are cases when even a tubercle bacillus was presented on sale. This purchase is classified as biological weapons of mass destruction.
  • "Left" SIM-cards in someone else's name.
  • Uranium. You can order in such quantities that it is enough to create a nuclear bomb.
  • Boodle. Any currency is available in unlimited quantities.
  • Rare animals from the red book. In dark web marketplaces you can buy a black unicorn horn, eggs of rare species of birds, etc.

The list of services in the darknet is very large. The greatest demand is for credit assistance and server hacking. For money here you can get any information (secret files, hidden news, photos from the scene of incidents, etc.).

On the darknet site, the category of ordinary goods is presented. In this list: clothing, electronics, household appliances. But all of them are sold on a dark site for one reason - it's counterfeit. Many believe that the Darknet is a place where only prohibited goods are on sale. But there is also access to the previously popular Online Library.

Scheme of sales in dark web marketplaces

The purchase of goods on this resource is carried out according to a certain scheme:

  • The user goes to the site where the product in which he is interested is presented.
  • Then he makes a choice in favor of a proven seller and discusses all the subtleties of the transaction.
  • After that, the buyer makes the payment. Sellers work on 100% prepayment. Less status sellers may ask to pay for the goods after receiving it.

Delivery addresses are encrypted and after some time destroy the keys. The goods are sent by mail (in an envelope), or sold in a contactless way (through a bookmark). The buyer is sent the address, coordinates and photo. The exact scheme depends on what product he buys.

Local currency on the dark web

Pay for goods in dark web marketplaces have to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin rate is equal to several thousand dollars.

Are darknet purchases legal?

If the buyer wants to buy prohibited drugs, false documents and other goods from this category, of course, in this case he will violate the law. Ordering services for hacking the site, ddos attack or collecting information on your competitor - you also violate the law.

Caution recommendations

Many beginners go to dark sites and immediately order goods. But this approach to buying is wrong. If you make an order in DarkNet, it is advisable to choose a safe site. On such sites, the rules are quite tightened, there is a ban on a certain group of goods. It is also practiced to weed out buyers. They are asked to provide passport data, if the user enters them, he will not be able to get to the site. The fact is that it is strictly forbidden to disclose personal data on the darknet. This even applies to the numbers and passwords used on the network. The set of numbers and letters should be chaotic. Before you go to such a site, you need to seal the webcam and turn off the microphone. Such precautions are associated with the fact that there is a high risk of running into hackers who catch an inexperienced user and will spy on him.

I'll sum it up

You can get acquainted with the specifics of the Darknet only after visiting this dark site. Here are exhibited goods that are impossible to buy in ordinary stores, but I repeat: the hidden network is far from safe, so a simple layman has nothing to do here.

On the Internet there is a lot of information about what is traded on the Darknet. The atmosphere there is peculiar, I think you should not immerse yourself in it and even more so buy something.


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