Darknet Guide marketplaces, TOR browser SCAM ́s and PHISHING

With our Darknet Guide guide, we will show you step by step how to protect yourself better and thus be anonymous on the Darkweb. Anyone who is still naïve about the TOR browser today and thinks he would be safe with it is hugely mistaken, because more than ever before the Darknet and Deepweb is the big playground for exit scams and phishing attacks. Consequently, you should not go to the Darknet without a certain basic knowledge in order to be able to buy drugs there.

But don't panic, because everyone can safely and anonymously enter the Darknet like a professional if they inform themselves a little. Let's give an overview of a few important topics on this page.


Meanwhile, we learn almost monthly about a new exit scam of a darknet marketplace. This is probably why most darknet users prefer to look for a vendor shop that reliably supplies them. Two of the most famous vendor shops can be found in our Darknet link list. In addition, we list a few darknet marketplace links in the list, because we do not support scammers.

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TOR Browser and Darknet OpSec (Operation Security)

One way to remain anonymous on the darknet is to use a virtual machine with Whonix. We'll show you how easy it is to install Whonix with VirtualBox.

- TOR browser security
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The professional way with VirtualBox and Whonix

One way to remain anonymous on the darknet is to use a virtual machine with Whonix. We'll show you how easy it is to install Whonix with VirtualBox.

- Step 1: Prepare VirtualBox and Whonix
- Step 2: Use Windows 7 with Whonix


Server Management & Software Topics

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The network for drug trafficking, child and the mentally ill... Only criminals use this... If you visit the wrong site, you will regret it for interruption- without interruption... Trafficking in human beings online... The darkest stories are spread through the darknet. And the myth of interest many people every day anew. But is it really the World Wide World Wide World Wide Network for hackers, fraudsters and drug users? What's wrong with the stories? We have looked more closely at the majority of claims about this inaccessible part of the Internet. In the following article we will tell you what is wrong with the myth Of Darknet.

This is also the end of our summer break! We are there for the modern era and will publish modern articles for you in the following weeks, as is common. In this sense, it's a great pleasure to read!

Darknet? What is this global ?

In the last three or four annos, the term is clearly more appreciated than ever before. But many people can't explain to you what this really means. On the basis of a brief overview in advance! First, we distinguish the Clearnet called in this way and the Deep World Wide Network. The Clearnet is best known to you. You're using it right now! Exactly currently, inside you are reading this entry. In this case, this is the freely accessible part of the Internet. Furthermore, websites on the Clearnet or surface Internet can be indexed by conventional search algorithms.

The Deep World Wide Web also exists. And that's no secret. The bottom line is that the Deep Web is no different from the sum of all intimate and inaccessible networks. They are usually used for the exchange of knowledge. For example, much of the Deep Web consists of specialist databases. Corporate networks, such as intranet solutions, are also part of this. So here the darknet myth is misguided. In the beginning, this has nothing to do with hackers, criminal gangs and the like.

The term darknet refers to an atypical part of the deep web. As a rule, the term combines P2P networks that use technologies for anonymizing the web connection. One of the most famous networks of such a genus is TOR. Not merely, nonetheless. Equally I2P and Freenet belong to it. The TOR network is nevertheless best known and recurring in the media as "the" darknet. There are also a number of reasons for this.

With TOR, the myth only really arose in this way!

With the appearance of the Tor browser, the Darknet has become suitable for the masses. If you expect a complicated assembly and user guidance, you will be shocked! It is also sufficient in this way a download and a few clicks to set up the mandatory software. And in this way you can always test the Darknet myth in less than five minutes. Installation packages exist today at least for all common operating systems. And independently for mobile phones. The start into the digital underground is therefore incomparably effortless.

However, this was not enough. In the end, a black market for intoxicants caused a clear increase in the number of users: the "Silk Road" called in this way. There you could buy intoxicants of any kind on the basis of Bitcoin's intoxicants and let yourself be extravagantly extravagant. The risk of being caught by law enforcement was largely low. So it didn't take long for introductory television reports to further fuel the success story. Doing illegal things without running the risk of being caught in the meantime has so far had a tremendous appeal for many.

With the imprisonment of the market operator Ross Ulbricht, he has not found an end to myth despite all this. Modern trading venues are constantly being created. In the offer you will no longer find only intoxicants. Weapons, hacked accounts, counterfeit money and much more are offered all over the world. In all this, the tor project's business dealings with illegal goods were not at all the goal. It is responsible for modifying and optimizing software and anonymization technology. Above all, it has very additional intentions – far from the darknet myth.

Why do the Tor network exist?

protection of the private sector and freedom of expression. Safe action for people who want to express themselves freely. And security for totalitarian states and regimes. These are the real goals pursued by the first developers. Journalists, whistleblowers and other whistleblowers have been the main target groups so far. In general, the Tor network was designed to allow people to exchange ideas without fear of persecution and punishment. You definitely know a prominent example! Edward Snowden also used the Tor browser to share his facts with the world. He reiterated, and continues to demonstrate, how essential security from surveillance can be for our daily lives.

However, the software cannot be restricted to single use. Where there is light, there is just as much shadow. And that takes us back to the darknet myth.

Is the Darknet myth true? Can you really get everything in the Tor network and see the most horrible things?

The promise of far-reaching anonymity on the World Wide Web has, of course, made the Tor browser of interest to a host of other associations. This also includes criminal actors, perverts and other individuals with whom one certainly does not want to have anything to do in real life. If you dare to explore the Darknet, you will immediately come across hidden services called in this way, which are websites especially for the Tor network, which can be extremely disturbing. In this context, true human abysses open up. Starting with hehlerware, which is offered for sale, up to contract killings, animal cruelty, child pornography and mutilated women, who are put on standby as sex slaves.

There is hardly a bit that cannot be found in that dark corner of the Internet. Whether all those sides are nonetheless original, no dying soul can say with certainty.

Is the Tor network anonymous?

That's why the question arises whether you can surf anonymously with the TorBrowser. And what anonymization is like. First of all, we can tell you that anonymity is promised to an exceedingly high intensity via the Tor network. Nevertheless, 100 percent security does not exist. In the Darknet, on the one hand, it depends on how you deal with personal knowledge. On the other hand, there are weak points in the technology.

Darknet myth: the most common content is legal.

If you access a website via TOR, your request will be routed via several PCs in the network and the data stream will be encrypted in several layers. Nevertheless, there is a point through which you send your request to the network. This is called "entry node". In addition, at the end of the connection chain is an "exit node". At both points, knowledge is no longer encrypted. They are basically interceptable and potentially detectable. That's why TOR activists always try to block such unsafe entry and exit points.

Another problem is your Internet service provider. Also, if your ISP doesn't end up not seeing which pages you're visiting around Darknet. Your supplier can record and store the TOR network. In theory, this allows activity logs to be developed and ultimately evaluated. Although the authorities in Germany are not currently searching for Tor users, this could soon be the case. However, you can secure yourself by temporarily establishing a VPN connection through a reputable supplier and using it to disguise your detours into the Tor network. At any given time, rumours are circulating that state authorities have also infiltrated and checked the network.

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