Darkweb: How access is made in the dark network ?

The darknet exists parallel to the well-known Internet. It consists of the invisible backend or deep webthat represents the technical background of the user interfaces. The encrypted Onion network can also be used forthis purpose. But some curious people are already failing in access to the darknet and the question: How do you get into the darknet?

The way to get there is not as intuitive and user-friendly as commercial offers on the Clear Web and involves a little effort. But it is less likely to be the effort that deters people, but the uncertainty as to whether or not the darknet and access to it is already punishable. Because too often the media report criminal activitiesthat take place on the darknet or are organized there. But that still doesn't clarify the question: How do I get into the darknet?

The darkweb and access to it are not punishable in the slightest. In this guide, we'll show you how to get access to the darkweb , what to watch, and what's happening in the background as you explore the darkweb .

The darknet access by downloading from the Tor browser

The easiest way to the darkweb is via the Tor browser,which can be easily downloaded on the Internet and installed like a normal program. It looks like a normal browser, but it works in a different way.

While access to the Internet is via the Internet provider, access to the Internet is routed in the darkweb via a certain number of other computers in order to disguise the originin this way. For this purpose, the data to be transmitted is encrypted and sent to another computer in the network, which forwards the data, but retainsthe address of the sender . Thus, the next recipient knows where the data packet came from last, but not where it originated.

The offers on the darknet are called hidden services.

The final recipient decrypts the data packet, processes the request, and sends the response back in the same way it came. For example, a data exchange takes place in the darkweb. Since all these processes are automated, there is hardly any of this in time. However, it is generally discouragedto use streaming services in this way, for example. The data transfer is too expensive for this.

In order to gain access to a page in the darkweb , several things are necessary:

  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • Tor Browser
  • Address on the Darknet

Access to the darkweb . And now?

Once the access has been technically established, the question arises: where to go? Because the darknet is based on a basic concept. The pages are not to be found by regular search engines. Accordingly, it is difficult to find a site that has an interesting offer. To work around this problem, there are lists of addresses of pages in the darknet on both the darknet and the Internet.

In the darknet, access is regulated via so-called ONION addresses. These end on .onion and provide access to so-called hidden services .Access to the darknet is via cryptographic keys.

For almost everything there is an anonymized alternative and more in the darknet. With access to the relevant pages and in compliance with certain security rules, secure and anonymous communication is possible without fear that anyone will evaluate the encrypted communication in a relevant time.

Why can access to the darkweb make sense?

Drugs, weapons and trafficking in human beings are the issues often associated with the darkweb . But it's not just criminal abysses that are on the darknet. Many journalists use this route to spread their news without fear of repression by an authoritarian or totalitarian system. Without this path and the encryption of communications, these people would have to fear for their safety if they report critically about their government or otherwise notice negatively.

Even the random mass surveillance,as uncovered by Edward Snowden, is a good reason to encryptany communication or to use the darknet from time to time. For deciphering all encrypted messages would be an uneconomical mammoth taskthat even an intelligence service cannot justify. The increasing volume of encrypted communications would tie up capacities that could be used more sensibly.

What should be considered when accessing the darkweb

Although anonymity is considered an advantage in the darkweb , it can be a hindrance to certain processes. This is because the addresses cannot be uniquely assigned to a specific person. This makes it difficult to enforce legal claims if, for example, an online business does not deliver despite payment.

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