Darknet market list and dark offers part of the world of darknet

There is an uncontrollable network of shops, drugs and pedophilia on the Internet, which most of us have no idea about.

Many of us think of the Internet as a public, accessible and open network used by millions of people. In reality, we only see a small part and will never get to all the innards of the Internet. These are made up of the Darknet or Deepnet. In translation, it means dark web or deep web.

This is where deals with drugs, weapons, prostitution and fake documents are carried out. In addition to this dark side, however, it is used by thousands of people in dictatorial regimes, as it allows them a high level of anonymity and freedom. For the police and secret services, he is a really tough, if not impossible nut to crack. How does the reverse side of the web work?

Dark offer

"We can actually imagine the dark web as a network within a network," describes Pavol Lupták from the company Nethemba, who as a recognized security analyst gives lectures all over the world.

The offer of the "dark internet" is wide. The illegal daknet market has adapted to new possibilities and shopping no longer needs to be done under the bridge, so to speak. Everything possible is traded in the dark market - drugs, weapons and even murder orders, fake documents, passports and driver's licenses, stolen payment cards and PIN codes, prescription drugs and various experimental drugs that they don't have a chance to get patients in the terminal stage of the disease.

The offer includes practically everything that is in demand. Payment is made with virtual currency. Due to the anonymity of this network and the fact that it is difficult to trust anyone in an anonymous environment, your cryptocurrencies are not sent directly to the seller, they are first received by an intermediary, usually the operator of an anonymous store, cryptomarket.

He sends a notification to the seller about the payment, the goods are dispatched, and the money is released to the seller only after the goods have been delivered. Cryptomarkets have varying reputations and there is even an updated list of them on the dark web.

In order to find darknet markets on the darknet you need a tool called darknet market list. On these sites you can find marketplaces with links and descriptions. Otherwise it is very difficult to find them because they are not indexed by ordinary search engines and can only be found on sites that publish these links.

Darknet market list

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Part of the world

Some pages of the Darknet cannot be accessed by an ordinary user - access usually requires an invitation. Anonymization networks include, for example, Tor or I2P. According to Pavel Lupták, the connection is made through random internet nodes around the world and their configuration changes every few minutes. This sweeps the tracks of both the seller and the buyer.

The volumes of the dark market are not small, including in Central Europe. Barbora Nedvědová and Dominik Stroukal from the University of Economics in Prague are currently doing research in this area in the neighboring Czech Republic. As they confirmed to us, according to their calculations, in 2014, half a percent of Czechs bought drugs through the Darknet, which is almost 35,000 people, and the total volume of this trade in the Czech Republic is more than 12 million euros..

Challenging to impossible

The risks for traders are small. Much smaller than for customers who, after all, have to pick up their goods physically somewhere. Nevertheless, the American FBI managed to uncover some Darknet sites, seize millions of dollars and shut down their owners.

In this way, for example, the largest anonymous cyber market Silk Road has already ceased to exist, and similarly they closed Utopia, which was discovered by Dutch and German agents. But it didn't help at all. New places appeared almost immediately, where business continues to flourish with impunity. Hacking and taking down incriminating sites is difficult for state agencies.

Moreover, while until now the dark market took place on central servers that could be traced, currently, according to experts, the process of decentralization of these stores is taking place, which means an even more difficult, if not impossible, task for the state.

We also contacted the Slovak Information Service (SIS) with the question of whether it monitors the environment of the dark web, whether it has the ability to gain access to classified websites and whether it can hack into them.

Also positive

The label dark web does not have to immediately mean something negative. It follows from the principle of its operation that it can also be beneficial.

"The term dark web actually only means that states do not have control over its existence and content. Decentralization and anonymity are creating a new world over which the current political system has no control and which is moving the current paradigm of the collectivist functioning of the world into a fiercely individual society," notes Pavol Lupták.

The Darknet is a positive tool for people in non-free regimes, for example political activists and dissidents in Iran or China, and it is similarly used in Russia for censorship there. And the offer of dark markets includes, for example, prohibited literature or medicines, which in some countries cannot be bought legally at all.

For similar reasons, whistleblowers like Snowden, who gave The Guardian information about the surveillance activities of the American National Security Agency and its British equivalent, as well as people in free states around the world, resort to the dark web. The reason is the fact that they have a feeling of being spied on by the state, it bothers them that the Internet is losing space for anonymity and unbearably exposing their privacy.

The increase in interest in Tor and I2P anonymization networks or in decentralized platforms such as Freenet or OpenBazaar has recently been large. In addition to the positives, it should not be forgotten that Darknet services are also used by the darkest types of the web - consumers of pedophilia or terrorists.


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