What is the Darknet and how to enter the Darknet sites?

What is the darknet? It is an Internet underground where encryption technologies such as onion routing can be used to navigate anonymously. On the Darknet sites, people are engaged in various issues: they are looking for a place for personal freedom and expression, a conspiracy against authoritarian regimes and large corporations, trade (using cryptocurrencies) in drugs, weapons and human goods. There is a paradox in this: on the dark web, although it can be demonized in the media, it is not easy to distinguish good from evil - in the era of global surveillance, users simply have many reasons to hide in an electronic shelter from the prying gaze of Big Brother.

It is also worth clarifying that the darknet sites are not the same as the Tor network is a distant, disguised fragment. The term "deep web" refers to areas of the Internet that are not indexed by popular search engines - most of this content, and they are rated at about 95 percent. the data presented on the web is completely innocent: we are talking about the immeasurable resources of social networks, about databases of states and companies, semi-official streaming services, closed Internet forums and, finally, about millions (billions) of orphaned pages to which no one leads. links and which are still hanging on servers.

Operating in 2011-2013, the Darknet sites - Silk Road - was a virtual trading platform such as Amazon or eBay, with the difference that it operated on the darknet accessible through the TOR network, and its clients put up prohibited products for sale: not only drugs and weapons but also break-in tools or medicine. The Silk Road, however, became famous primarily for drug trafficking: potential buyers chose a suitable product from a wide range of psychedelics at a reasonable price, paid in bitcoin, and then waited for the envelope, which reached them in the morning mail. This innovative dealer model - you might even comment on sellers - has been appreciated by consumers; they no longer had to risk buying cash from a suspect at the end of a warehouse in a shady area. After overcoming the initial mistrust (the Silk Road, with its 21st century ostentatious Darknet sites, gave the impression of an insane provocation of American services), shoppers went shopping - in the midst of turnover, the platform was worth over a billion dollars. Silk Road began a marketing trend: Since then, new similar services have been created from time to time on the Darknet sites.

The founder of Silk Road, Texan Ross Ulbricht, was arrested in San Francisco in the fall of 2013 - he was 29 years old. He is currently serving a double life sentence (plus 40 years) in federal prison in Tucson, Arizona - he may never be released again as the federal justice system does not provide for parole, and several attempts to challenge the verdict has not yet been crowned with success.


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