"Deep dark web": the dark and hidden side of the Web child pornography

Child pornography, drugs, counterfeit currency...

The Internet is capable of both the worst and the best. And its counterpart exists. A kind of B-side, the deep dark web. Dark and clandestine, unknown to the general public, it is the realm of anonymity, inaccessible from a traditional browser. Its reputation is sulfurous, and there would reign an atmosphere close to that of the shallows of Gotham City. "It feeds all kinds of fantasies," says Melchior, a student from a digital campus behind the Millennium. It is said to contain child pornography images within reach of mice, weapons or drugs.


No indicative panels, difficult to pin down, impossible to measure, the deep dark webis a matrix. And insiders go through it discreetly. Zyrto, a Montpellier, used to walk there. A computer scientist in a French Tech box, he loves to spend his evenings on this side of the Web. It takes me for a walk in this jungle of the Net. "But, the deep dark web should not be confused with the Deep Web,which includes sites freely accessible but not indexed by search engines." Oh yes, there, that's for sure, everything becomes clearer... I let myself be guided because it is so incomprehensible. Does not go who wants in the dark side. "Clearly, there are many layers of encryption," says Matthieu Requenna, a Montpellier expert in new media.

Troubled networks

First, you have to download "the onion", a formidable tool. Namely, Tor or I2P. These are sorts of software to arrive on the deep dark web. "With him or others, this ride is untraceable. There is no search engine. You have to know the directories," confirms Matthieu. We must forget the .fr or the .com, it does not exist. Neither does the design. It's ugly! Thanks to the hidden wiki, Zytor knows the "right" addresses. Just like Angel, who spends his life on the darknet since he manages his activity there.

Open-air pharmacy

He buys and resells drugs without complex. It goes on the "Silk Road", an Amazon that allows you to buy all kinds of chemical compounds prohibited by law. Buyers deposit their evaluation after transaction. "I receive the cam and send it back by La Poste to my customers. I am not afraid of anything. He continues: "The advantage of the darknetis that often the products come directly from the lab, so you normally have a quality well above average. At the police hotel, a cybercrime police officer is in place. "But no fact comes from the darknet," a police source reveals. At La Poste, "we do not know the content of the parcels entrusted to us", recalls Véronique Bancel, in charge of communication. The dark side of the Web makes it possible to achieve illicit things. Freedom is king here, but so is anarchy.

Common practice

Jovati is a small, moneyless strike from Figuerolles. His thing is counterfeit notes. He ordered them on a small scale and sold them in the shops of the Crest. "I buy them in 5-way tickets, it's less common than the 20." He acquires them thanks to bitcoins, the currency in progress. "You can exchange them on sites that serve as a kind of exchange office.note Matthieu. But beware of scams. There are some who have been ed ed. They bought things and never received their goods. Fortunately, he brings this precision as it seems to be easy to waver on the dark side. "It must also be remembered that the darknet was first designed for military purposes. It is also the last bulwark for activists who live in a country that is not inclined to freedom of expression. Even journalists use it to communicate on sensitive issues, but on a large scale! So are the policies. Here, what if we sounded the aedile of Clapas?
By extension, the darknet has established itself as the best ally of those who have something to hide. In the end, the darknetis a bit like the naturist camp of Cape Town, we see everything.

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