Departure, inexpensive Is it possible to order a hitman on the darknet

Departure, inexpensive Is it possible to order a hitman on the "dark" Internet

Legends say that in the depths of the darknet you can not only buy a slave, but also without problems to order a hitman to quietly remove enemies. We figured out what happens to the customers of such crimes and how the tale of mercenaries helps the special services to calculate potential killers.

They Didn't wait

In late January 2017, Minnesota resident Stephen Carl Olwyne was charged with killing his wife. The investigation for several months understood how the growing hatred of the woman forced her husband to come up with new options for her killing.

First, Allvine turned to a popular resource on the "dark" Internet called Besa Mafia. The site promised to provide not only a killer who can turn a murder of any complexity without traces, but also find hackers to intimidate the victim.

In February 2016, an anonymous dogdaygod user asked Besa Mafia how much it would cost to kill his wife. The man wanted the performers to set up a car accident. It is impossible to bring such things to the end because order a hitman is not safe.

At the same time, Allvine was looking for sites to exchange dollars for bitcoins. As the investigation later established, he did not use anonymizers and studied all the information from a home computer. The impressive history of the browser, which he never bothered to clean, became one of the main evidence in the case.

After successfully transferring dollars into bitcoins, dogdaygod reported that the victim was going to a dog show in Moline, Illinois and indicated the exact name - emmy Alvine was mentioned in the discussions, who was really interested in dog training and constantly attended training events.

The killer for Alvine never came, but her email was showered with threats from anonymous. Someone promised to deal with her and urged her to commit suicide.

Minnesota resident Stephen Carl Allwein negotiated the murder of his wife directly from the home computer.

A few months after the failed deal, Alvine again turned to Besa Mafia, but this time decided to trust not the killer, but the "murder specialist".

He was advised to purchase a drug that is usually prescribed after surgery to combat nausea. In the history of the browser, it is clear that in May 2016, Allvine was keenly interested in the topic of dangerous drugs. He bought bitcoins again, and then a giant dose of the same substance. For six months, my husband secretly fed Emmy pills, but this did not give any effect.

In November 2016, police arrived at the Olvains' home: a man reported by phone that his wife had shot herself. Allvine ran out to the police and shouted that she was lying in the bedroom in a pool of blood with a gun in her hands. Order a hitman this is a few years already, almost everyone knows the factor.

But the suicide investigation did not work: everything pointed to the fact that the woman was killed, and as unprofessionally as possible. Allvine vividly told police that his wife suffered from depression, often closed in the bedroom and missed sports training.

But, as it turned out, he did not take into account the small details. For example, Emmy was right-handed, but for some reason the gun was in her left hand. The girl was indeed found in blood, but the wooden floor on which she lay was clean.

When the police got to Olwyne's computer and phone, it became clear that the husband was literally obsessed with the idea of killing his wife. He purchased five mobile phones to contact dubious personalities from the darknet, and issued a license to store a gun, which eventually ended up in the hands of the deceased. In the blood of the girl found a dose of the same drug, exceeding the norm by 45 times.

Information on Olwyne's computer indicated that he had hoped to the last for the "help" of the inhabitants of Tor. After reading stories about orders "with one hundred percent result", Alvine was ready to pay any money. But he did not take into account that his every step was saved in the history of the browser.

The hitmans hacked

In May 2016, unknown hackers broke into the Resource Besa Mafia and put in the public domain tons of personal information of customers and victims. Many people like him tried order a hitman. The network turned out to be names, details of electronic wallets and mail addresses for communication, as well as a huge archive of detailed information about the lives of victims with photos provided by customers.

On public display put and correspondence of administrators with potential killers for hire. It turned out that future killers must pass a test test: set fire to any empty car, record the crime on camera and publish the results of the test on YouTube under a fake name.

One of the most popular sites for baiding killers boasts of kinship with the Albanian mafia, but does not provide any evidence.

The instructions clearly stated that arsonists should not talk while recording the video. However, in some videos, the grief-killers either talk to themselves or shout at a partner during the arson.

Cybersecurity experts looked through the entire archive and found an interesting letter in which the administration communicates with a user who introduced himself as a law enforcement officer..

After a short correspondence, the moderator of the killer community gave the interlocutor all personal information about the possible hitman. "We accept order a hitman, but in fact we do not have any killers. Usually, we report requests for murder to the police and give them data on the location of victims, "the administrators said in a letter.

However, in dialogues with ordinary customers, the creators of Besa Mafia are presented as Albanian criminals who maintain contacts with "the best killers of America, Canada and Europe." Users familiar with the activities of the portal note that communication with the administration does not cause anything but laughter. On the dark web, you can easily order a hitman On Reddit,for example, there is a whole section with a discussion of a dubious resource.

For the murder of the enemy,"mafiosi" are asked from five to two hundred thousand dollars. But, according to Motherboard,scammers mainly pull bitcoins from customers, plant positive reviews about themselves all over the Internet and persistently edit an article about the Albanian mafia on Wikipedia, trying to write their resource into the history of the underworld.

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