Die and rise again. How and where are the criminals buy a passport online

First of all, we warn you that the following material is published for informational purposes only. Know that the use of a knowingly forged document is a criminal offense. For the use of false documents, a fine, or compulsory labor, or corrective labor, or arrest is threatened.

How to people buy a passport online ?

Buy a passport online in our country is the main document confirming the identity of a person. If you do not run into the problems that will entail a thorough study of the biography of a person, then most of the problems with the beginning of a new life a buy a fake passport will solve. But on such a passport it is still necessary to scrape together a lot of money. Where to get it? And at least in microloans. But, of course, the fraudster will not issue a loan for himself, but for some dummy person. With the help of a slightly edited in Photoshop scan of someone else's you don’t need buy a passport.

In the Darknet there are a number of online services, including those related to banking, which do not always need a personal presence to confirm their identity - just a high-quality copy of the passport and a selfie with it. So to get such a copy, it turns out, is easier than a steamed turnip. Here are just a few common schemes.

First, you can resort to social engineering, in other words, to deceive gullible people. The attacker can send a message to the user that the stars successfully converged in the sky, so he won something valuable. But to take the prize, you need to confirm your identity. Buy passport, of course. A gullible person merges photos of the document, and then the messenger, who promised wealth, is simply removed from the social network, inserts his photo into the scan of someone else's passport (if required) and receives money.

Secondly, if you do not want to get your hands out, but there is a desire to dig intothe social network"Facebook",then you can go to the"Google"tab,drive "passport" or "scan" into the search box and be surprised how many people are negligent about privacy. It took Life a few minutes to find a scan of the passport of a certain Jane Dockland from London,uploaded on June 8. In fact, you can find a photo of the spread of someone's and buy a passport online on almost any image aggregator. The only question is the time spent. But you need to understand that there are many such clever people, a scan with a fake photo of the same Jane could already light up somewhere and striger the security system. some service with a sophisticated check.

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