The most popular directory of 10 safest VPN for Dark Web in 2021

The Internet is basically divided into three parts. The first part is the open network where you can find Google, VPNetic, social media and the like.

The next part is the Deep Web,which keeps all password-protected information, medical journals and bank accounts.

The third part is called "Dark Web".

Here you will find websites operated via the darknet, e.B. black markets and criminal networks.

You cannot access the Dark Web from a normal browser such as Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

You need a special browser, such as the TOR browser, to access website addresses that end with .onion, as is the case with websites on the Dark Web.

In this article, cybersecurity expert Per-Erik Eriksson explains what the dark web is and how you can securely access it with a trusted VPN.
Safest VPNs for Dark Web 2021


3000+ VPN server
Server positions: 160
24/7 live support
Countries: 94+
30-day money back guarantee!

One of the best services with a 30-day money back guarantee that gives you a good opportunity to see if ExpressVPN meets your needs. They support almost all available devices and operating systems and have 24/7 customer support.



VPN server: 5413+
Dedicated IP servers
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Countries: 59+
30-day money back guarantee!

NordVPN has long been considered one of the strongest brands in the field of cybersecurity. With one of the biggest server offerings on my list and support for most, if not all, operating systems, NordVPN is the obvious choice for many. You have 24/7 customer service if you need help with startup or setup. Your application is one of the best designed applications I've ever looked at, and I strongly recommend using on your mobile device.



Server: 35500+
P2P support
10 devices at the same time
Countries: 78+
30 days money back guarantee!

PrivateInternetAccess is at the top of my speed tests, which is a great combination with their easy-to-use UI. PIA is perfect for those who want to pay with PayPal, which many other services do not support. VPN for Dark Web At the moment you can also get a 79% discount on the 2-year plan. But if that's too much of a commitment to you, you have a full 30-day money back guarantee!

VISIT PrivateInternetAccess

Surfshark VPN

Server: 1700+
Countries: 64
Affordable VPN
Unlimited connections
30 days money back guarantee!

Surfshark is perfect for those who want a cheap and reliable  with many additional features. "Camouflage Mode" hides your usage from your ISP, "Kill Switch" interrupts your connection and protects your information if you temporarily lose Internet access, "MultiHop" to connect from several countries at the same time, to name but a few. My favorite feature of Surfshark is "whitelists" that allow the user to exclude certain applications and programs from the VPN connection!


CyberGhost VPN

Server: 6300+
7 devices at the same time
Dedicated Netflix Servers
Countries: 90
45-day money back guarantee!

CyberGhost is the first choice for many technology experts, and the reason is obvious: they have the most comprehensive service.VPN for Dark Web  An incredible number of additional features that are best suited for advanced users, but also work perfectly for purposes like P2P file sharing. Cyberghost VPN also has the longest money back guarantee with a full 45 days.



Server: 1048+
Countries: 54+
2-10 devices simultaneously
Unlimited bandwidth
30-day money back guarantee!

Based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN also offers a free version of their service, which is currently one of the best free services on the market. There is support for the use of TOR and VPN for Dark Web also P2P file sharing. So if you're a so-called "pirate," there's no better service for you out there. I highly recommend ProtonVPN if you intend to perform a large online exchange.



Countries: 17
3 Netflix Libraries
Kill Switch
10-day money back guarantee!

The best alternative for people who expect high security from their provider. No other provider has a level of physical security comparable to OVPN. All of their servers operate without any kind of storage media that would otherwise log information. One selling point that really stands out is their insurance. They do their utmost to protect their customers by taking out insurance so that when a government requests documents, they have the resources to fight the claim in court.


Trust.Zone VPN

Server: 185+
OpenVPN / L2TP encryption
No logging
20% discount code: VPNETIC20

Trust.Zone is a fairly new player in the game that offers a minimalist option at a competitive price. Based in the Seychelles without logging policies, this is a great alternative for those who want to remain completely anonymous. Unlimited speed and bandwidth make this provider a decent choice for P2P sharing that doesn't limit it at all. All major operating systems are supported: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

VISIT Trust.Zone VPN

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