Directory of 16 exciting darknet links with large description

In the darknet there are not only illegal shit, but actually useful, exciting, interesting pages. We've selected 15 exciting representatives to help you take your first steps on the darknet.

Darknet pages with links (Image: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay)

Good websites on the darknet are difficult to find – and (working) darknet links to them are even more so. We have a small selection for you, including darknet links. We give you 16 exciting darknet links with working Onion mirrows for getting started – including search engines, link directories and anonymous email. So you can not only visit the Darknet, but also use it ;)

First of all: How do I get to the Darknet?

How to get into the darknet, we show you step by step here.  In addition, we have a list of really all darknet sites on the topic, a brief insight into the darknet in general and for all the undecideds,

And since the question of legality always arises: visiting the dark web is not illegal – point. Buying hand grenades and heroin there is illegal. Somehow logical, right?

To the links:   If any of the links no longer work, please post a short comment. There may be two reasons for this: On the one hand, pages in the dark web like to move frequently (though rather the less legal ones) and on the other hand it could also be because of your Gate Exit node. So first try a new "circuit" via the small onion symbol at the top left, i.e. to establish a new connection for the site.

1. Darknet search on the Normalo web

Darknet sites do not have any of the usual domains such as DE, COM or ORG, but end with a . Onion. You can't click darknet links in the normal browser, but you can search for darknet links right here and now without a gate , using search engines like You could then copy the links from the browser to the Tor browser. Better: You use a search engine directly in the dark web.

Attention:   This is a normal link, but at least here the page only works in the Tor browser – in normal Chrome, Coinminer-Mist is started. So to enjoy with caution:

2. Search engine in the darknet

If you're looking for some kind of Google search for the dark web, try your luck with Torch. But the results probably won't be as useful as you're used to – Google's data collection has something good...


3. Link directories

Since search engines don't work too well in the dark web, there's something here that seems quite antiquated on the Normalo web: curated link lists. The best known is probably the Hidden Wiki (http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion), but you can also look at Wiki Links. As of today, there are quite a few links working.


4. Normalo web search on the darknet

Yes, that's the way it goes: You may know the Google alternative Duck Duck Go – and you can do that on the dark web. Caution: The search finds pages from the normal WWW!


5. The Great Community

Facebook   can also be reached via the darknet, so that even the biggest paranoids can still find a connection ... But fun aside, for people in more repressive countries, this may well be relevant. (How well does it work? Sorry, I don't even use Facebook via Darknet ;( )


6. The small community

In the real world there are Facebook alternatives (absolutely every diaspora knows ...) and so of course also in the dark parallel world: The Hidden Clubs allow to open their own, small and naturally restricted communities.


7. Darknet-Only-Mail

Also in the darknet there is eMail and also there it is free and also there everything runs in the browser – but it is all anonymous. If you only want to email within the Onion network, check out the small, practical TorBox. Name, mail address and password are sufficient to register.


8. Normal mails on the darknet

The ProtonMail, which is operated in Switzerland, allows you to send anonymous, end-to-end encrypted mails without much effort. However, when registering, you will need to provide your mobile number to receive a code via SMS. This is of course free and according to Proton the phone number is not linked to the account or used at all. And ProtonMail now also has an official darknet presence! Unlike TorBox, you can also communicate with "normal" email addresses from Google & Co. with ProtonMail.


9. Image Host

Just upload an image, share the link, secure it with a password if necessary, and after 30 days it disappears automatically – that's exactly what Matrix Image Uploader's free service is..


10. Bitcoin Money Box

Bitcoin and Darknet, that somehow fits. And so it is not surprising that there are decent Bitcoin wallets, such as the OnionWallet. The use is pretty easy, as long as you know what blockchain, wallets and bitcoins are all about.


11. Wallet on German

If you are looking for an alternative Bitcoin wallet, entry-level (according to your own statement) and with a German-language website – which is rather rare on the darknet – EasyCoin will help you manage, transfer, exchange and so on.
Update: Due to a reader's bad experiences, see below, you should at most still look at this wallet – but not stocking it with money, that can probably backfire.


12. Ultra-secret uni-quatsch ...

The University of Illinois is not only (urban) mythical, on the darknet you will also find on the page IIT Underground several tunnel plans, pictures of electrical systems and other infrastructure. This has a bit of Forbiden Places, but a little more unspectacular – except perhaps for techies.


13. Listening to the radio anonymously

Isn't that a dream? Listen to anonymous radio! No registration. No login. No data tracking. Simply turn on and listen anonymously – you get this simulation of a room antenna at Deep Web Radio, where all sorts of streams are waiting to be played directly in the browser. As it stands with the legality of the content offered, let's put it – but that's no different with Normalo web radios and icecast stations.


14. Disposable emails

A classic of the WW can also be found on the Darknet: TorGuerrillaMail provides you with a mail address without registration or other harassment, which you can use for registrations, for example – it can't be easier!


15. Random Chat

You have to like the pleasure of chatting with randomly assigned partners ... But if so, it's also possible on the darknet with Talk to John Doe! – with currently 67 participants online, the dream talker is unlikely.


16. Even hosting on the Darknet

Last but not least, a link to a hidden wiki subpage on hosting. Here you will find all sorts of links to darknet webspace providers to throw pictures into a pastebin or to run entire online applications.


P.S.:   If you are here because of the entry picture with the monkey, or just want to see Darknet mischief par excellence, we also have this link: A dancing monkey to which you can donate bitcoins for happiness – a little disappointing ...


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