Distinguish the best fake money to buy, from the real money

Counterfeiters exist as long as money exists. The use of modern copying equipment, complex paints, special paper allow you to print fakes, almost indistinguishable from real bills. How to distinguish real money from fakes.

There is such an anecdote - on the website of the Federal Treasury, samples of new banknotes in denominations of one thousand rubles are posted. There you can also download the printable version.

Probably, from the very moment of the invention of money, craftsmen appeared who decided to forge them. Once the main way was to issue counterfeit coins from cheaper alloys or smaller sizes. But time passed, the methods of making banknotes were improved, and the methods of their forgery were improved.

According to statistics, the number of counterfeit banknotes is growing. According to the Central Bank of Russia, the vast majority of fakes account for the share of banknotes of one thousand rubles. The least of all forge a 5-thousandth banknote.

I must say that the punishment for counterfeiting money was almost always not easy. At the moment, the article "Production or sale of counterfeit money or securities" provides for a punishment of 5 to 15 years in prison. But medieval scammers, if they came across, had much worse.

According to Wikipedia, in the Middle Ages, counterfeiters were boiled in boiling water or poured molten metal into their throats. Even in the XX century in the USSR, the manufacture and sale of counterfeit coins or banknotes was punished up to the death penalty. After the collapse of the USSR in Russia, the death penalty for counterfeiting money was abolished.

But let's move (from theory to practice) from history to methods...

Probably the highest quality until the mid-90s of the last century was considered the method of printing copying. Perhaps its main disadvantage was the laboriousness, but the the best fake money to buy were almost indistinguishable from the real ones. Then the scammers switched to photocopying. It is worth noting that according to the statistics of those years, 9 out of 10 fakes were made with the help of copying equipment.

To date, copiers have been replaced by printers, scanners, computers and other modern equipment, the use of which we will talk about later.

There are several most common ways of counterfeiting with the help of technology:

Using an inkjet printer;

Method of electrography;

Screen printing;

Offset printing;

Super fake.

Using an inkjet printer

It is this method that is considered the most simple and affordable. The quality of printers of this type is constantly improving, and the price is decreasing, in addition, they accurately provide color reproduction... But I must say that despite this, the very quality of these the best fake money to buy is not very good, the picture is often blurred, there are no microprinting and other security elements, the paper is thinner than the real one. So on closer examination, these bills are easily distinguishable from the real ones.

Electrography method

Color laser printers and copiers work according to this principle. Electrographic devices, writes securesoft.ru, can be divided into two groups: analog and digital. However, it is worth saying that analog devices are now outdated. As for digital - in them the image is processed by a microprocessor system, translated into digital form, then the laser beam projects the image onto a light-sensitive cylinder.

A characteristic feature of the best fake money to buy made by electrography is a shiny surface, a bright image, the paint is not washed off with water. Meanwhile, the line structure of the image is clearly visible, in addition, with the help of a magnifying glass, you can see that the image consists of dots.

Screen printing

Or the second name of this method is silkscreen. Stamping of money occurs by pushing the ink hole of the printing form. It is worth saying that the layer of paint in this case is quite thick, the image is felt by touch, besides, upon careful examination, the jagged edges of the strokes are visible, and when enlarged - their mesh structure.

Offset printing

With this printing, the ink from the printing plate is transferred to the rubber surface, and from it is transferred to the paper. I must say that the "products" in this case turns out to be quite high-quality and accurate. The paint is not washed off with water, the edges of the strokes have a flat border.

But you can still recognize the best fake money to buy made with the help of offset printing with the help of a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Super fake

It includes fake 50 and 100-dollar banknotes, which are almost indistinguishable from real ones and can be "caught" only on small graphic inaccuracies. Making super fakes is a costly process (however, payback) and time-consuming and they are made only to order.

It is worth saying that professional counterfeiters can earn about 300 thousand dollars a year, and dealers of super fakes and even more. But there are also a few more ways the best fake money to buy..

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