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An FBI agent is an elite specialist in America's law enforcement system. The age of the selected candidates is 23-37 years, with at least 4 years of training. The main disciplines that a future agent should know are law, IT-technologies, accounting. As reported in the source, many tasks are checked for the speed of their solution individually and as a whole. You can apply to fbi jobs before the interns.

How much is the remuneration of trainees and accomplished special agents for their work? Just like anyone working for the federal government, FBI agents are paid according to a set base salary scale, in GS grades 1-15 with levels and office location adjustments, plus 12-29% of salary, this is due to the cost of living in the region.

FBI interns

After successfully passing the exams, candidates are trained at the FBI Academy, for a certain position. After that, depending on the needs, the trainee is assigned to one of more than 50 departments for a two-year probationary period with a mentor.

 Initial salary of an FBI agent

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The average fbi jobs working time of the agent, about fifty hours per week. Salary at the initial level:

  • By class GS-10 (in the first stage) = $4,890 per month.

With a range of further growth during the first year, from $ 5,850 - $ 7,050 per month.

Salary of an experienced FBI agent

As experience and professional development grows, the following base salary classes are assigned:

  • GS 11-13 = $4,820 – $8,920 per month.

Classes for which agents in senior positions are paid:

  • GS 14-15 = $8,100 – $12,390 per month.

For comparison, the salary of the average police officer in the United States is about $ 4,200 per month.

It should be noted that these are basic salaries (without deduction of taxes)to which, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the local adjustment fbi jobs coefficient is applied, plus 12-29%, and various bonuses for risks and a good result are also relied. As a result, the rewards of FBI agents become more impressive.

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