How to distinguish real 100 euros from fake euros simple ways

1 Safety signs
1.1 Magnetic tape
1.2 Digits of banknote denomination
1.3 License plate
2 UV test
3 Banknote check detector

Protective signs

What to do if you have 100 euros in your hands, and you doubt the authenticity of this banknote? How to verify its authenticity, we will tell you further. Unlike fake euros on the magnetic tape must be a record corresponding to the denomination of the banknote "100 euros". Magnetic tape has inscriptions 100 euro Digits of the banknote denomination Pay special attention to the numbers indicating the denomination of the banknote.

Unlike fake euros the number 100 on the banknotes is two-tone. If you look straight, you see that the number is purple, and if you turn the banknote at an angle, the number becomes black. The number 100 changes color from purple to black Making iridescent paint is very problematic, so this aspect should be paid attention to in the first place.

In the lower left corner of the banknote is a license plate. The letter on this number must be smaller than the subsequent digits. The letter is less than the numbers of the license plate Test under ultraviolet Light Sending the bill under ultraviolet, you need to know the following points: The sign located in the upper left corner of the banknote, which in daylight seems blue, under ultraviolet light acquires a green color. Must be present fibers (red, green or blue). It is very important to pay attention to the stars.

There should be 12 of them. The first (the uppermost) should be the brightest, then the stars gradually fade, the latter is practically not visible. There are no such characters in fake euros. In the upper left corner, the sign has become green, and the stars change their color saturation There must be small glowing dots next to the stars. And on the right and left sides, the drawings should fully comply.

A map of Europe and a photograph of the bridge and the drawings on the back of the banknote should also be illuminated in green. Detector check bills If possible, you can check the bill with a special device for translucent bills. The main image of the picture on the front side of the banknote is made by infrared metameric paints. Most people who practice fake euros know how to distinguish them from real people but not ordinary people. When using this device, the right part of the picture is visible on the device, and the left part becomes transparent. This banknote behaves in this way when inspected through the detector of banknotes If all these points coincide, then you can be sure that this banknote is original. Good luck when dealing with foreign currency!

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