How to find the address of The Hidden Wiki Onion Urls on darknet?

The Hidden Wiki  Hidden Wiki is a wiki encyclopedia with links to various Darknetresources located in the onion domain..

The Encyclopedia Hidden Wiki Onion Urls itself is also a site located in the .onion, so it cannot be found in regular darknet sites. To find Hidden Wiki Onion Urls, you need to know its .onion address and go to that address through the Tor Browser..

The issue is that The Hidden Wiki  doesn't have a permanent address. Its addresses are constantly changing, as attackers periodically do everything possible to make the encyclopedia stop working. As soon as it stops working at one address, it runs to another address. As a result, this has led to the fact that there are many versions of The Hidden Wikithat may differ from each other. Therefore, which of these versions is genuine and which is a fake, it is quite difficult to determine.

What's more, there are censored versions of The Hidden Wikithat lack links to sites that can be found in the full version. For example, in the Russian Wikipedia, on the page dedicated to The Hidden Wiki Onion Urls,a link is given to one of these censored versions. In the English Wikipedia, on the page about The Hidden Wiki,  there is no link to the encyclopedia itself at all, since it is deleted by Wikipedia administrators.

If you decide to search for the address of The Hidden Wiki  in ordinary search engines, the result will be about the same as for a query such as "buy a machine gun and a box of ammunition". This is not the Darknet, but the usual Internet for housewives. In response to such a request in Yandex or Google, you will receive a bunch of links to sites where you will be offered to buy anything, but not what you were looking for.

The fact is that in ordinary search engines you will not find such things. If you do, it will most likely be honeypot (from the English "pot of honey") - a trap created specifically to calculate and catch such you, lovers of prohibited resources.

Even if you just searched for the address of The Hidden Wiki  in Yandex or Google or in any other well-known Internet search engine, you can be sure that your IP address is already entered in a special database along with the entire history of your

search queries.

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