How to get on the dark web with tor browser instruction for noobs

Anyone who browses Internet anonymously with the Tor network also has option of using so-called Dark web.

If you enter correct URLs with Tor browser, you will find websites, forums and chats that run Tor servers and are therefore not found by Google & Co: "Onionland" (tor stands for The Onion Routing).

How to get on the dark web with tor? Finding .onion pages is almost impossible if you don't know appropriate addresses. A central register does not exist. A first starting point to start into "hidden web" is search engine DuckGoGo at address

http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion (This address can only be reached with a Tor browser.)

Link collections are often called "Hidden Wiki" in Onionland.

Since Onionland is visited and operated anonymously, state controls are hardly possible here. You may not be able to encounter illegal content and offers while browsing. German legislation applies to German citizens who visit .onion pages. Therefore, be aware of who offers you what and how.

How to get on the dark web with tor on smartphone?

But not only via the PC you can surf in the darknet, this is also possible with the smartphone. All you need is a browser of Tor project. " TOR Browserfor Android" is suitable for Android smartphones. This connects the Tor network and the browser in an app.

For iOS, there are a variety of Tor browsers that connect to Tor network. However, these are not from original Tor developers, so we do not recommend them. However, you can check if your browser is connected to Tor network by visiting "". If you get message that your browser is configured to use the Tor network, you can get started. Keep in mind, however, that many darknet websites are not optimized for mobile devices. It is therefore always safer to surf darknet via computer.

How to get on the dark web via darknet search engines?

Search engines are also available darknet, whereby "real" search engines in darknet have a hard time. After all, bots cannot capture hidden services throughout.  "Hidden Services" generate a "new path" every 24 hours, which is of course obscured. However, so that new users of Tor network do not have to memorize complicated URLs, there are so-called link collections and search engines that take work away from you.

Is the Dark web illegal?

Visiting darknet itself is not illegal. Search and buy illegal content such as child pornography, weapons or drugs in darknet. A good comparison in terms of illegality and darknet is possession of a knife: sale, possession and regular use of knives is allowed. Accordingly, surfing darknet. Threatening or injuring with a knife is a criminal offence, as is buying illegal items in darknet.

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