How to detected scam projects on the Darknet. Big scam list tor.

How to detected scam projects on the Darknet. Big scam list tor.

Such scammers can be caught not only on the darknet, but also in the usual clearnet forums or telegram channels.

Everything that I will write here is the fruit of being on the darknet, reading various forums, communicating with other users, experience and of course thanks to elementary logic.
If you can refute the information I provide, then I'll be happy to remove that item from the list, although I highly doubt it.

There are scammers-users, there are scam list tor, there is still a special caste of parasites who use the names of smooth sites and sellers of throwing people. From throwing users will save the guarantor, but how to escape from kidal sites and parasites? only common sense, knowledge of the topic, observation, caution and logic will help.
Do not pay attention to all sorts of directories and sites if there is no real evidence of a kid.

How to recognize scam sites if there are no fawn services

We should monitor the scam site of tor before buying any thing.

Attendance, user statuses, new posts and topics, reviews, the number of topics, posts and users - all this gives absolutely nothing. The site can be just a copy of some other flat site and constantly updated. So we analyze more subtly. Looking for a seller who is present on several sites, including the site that you want to check and write to him in person on a reputable site, clarifying whether he is posted on this site?

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to trust the opinion of admins in terms of negativity about competitors (forgive me admins of forums and instants), for a long time the yelling "yes they are garbage", "yes they are scammers"  has become a tool for squeezing out a competitor, so think with your head and ask sellers and users who have active accounts on several sites. Many admins intentionally harm each other or pipis are so undone. The vast majority of directories lie under one or another site, or on a salary, or just a syhoke, or an interested person, or an absolutely biased person. So reviews in the catalogs also should not be trusted, especially write there all who do not get. Always make up your opinion.

Save the url.

Never visit the site from a search engine. Save the url somewhere in a safe place it could be a KeePass or an encrypted text document. By accessing a link from some directory-type site, you can get to a fake copy of the site that will simply receive your login and password that you entered. Address substitution is done and that's it, you've gotten there.

We present to you the scam list tor here only checked ones and they are 100% scam project.

Empire Market Fake. Nothing to do with the real Empire.

Torch Fake. All sites listed on the site are also fake and scammers.

Xmatches They do not have information about the matches.

Bitcards Buyers never receive goods.

Deep Money Transfer No security protocols, nothing to do with the Tor network. Lots of complaints.

Tor Onions 1.2. All sites presented are fakes. Lots of other people's watermarks, emails and other evidence.

Tor Links 1.1. Advertising of dangerous, as well as fraudulent sites.

CC KINGDOM Proofs stolen from Empire vendors. The order is never delivered.

Cash God Lots of complaints. After payment no one answers.

DeepLink Onion Directory Every site in this hidden directory is fake. Dangerous!

Cash Cards Clone. Nobody fulfills orders. Belongs to the DeepLink Onion Directory administration.

Best Financial Market Clone. The real owners have gone out of business. Belongs to the DeepLink Onion Directory administration.

Top onion Big fraud and fake catalog.

Goldman Financial Services Another fake site that is being promoted through a scam directory.

Trust Market Cheap copy of several sites in one. Content stolen from other markets.

Happy Market A stolen copy of the site with the name change. Orders are not being fulfilled.

Robot Money Fake. The original site fulfills orders.

Fast Card service The site is from a large list of scammers. Orders are not fulfilled.

Financial Service A project assembled from several sites.

Simple Cash Orders were never fulfilled.

SALE SHOP Lots of complaints.

IMPERIAL Fake. The original site is unavailable.

Top wiki Big fraud and fake catalog. Dangerous!

Global Tor Links 1.1 Extensive network. All links are fake and are a great danger.

Scam list tor 1.2 Fake site. Listed scam sites as verified markets. Dangerous!

Multi Escrow Once the money is received, it's all over.

Hidden Wiki Fake. Nothing to do with legitimate Hidden Wiki. The entire list of sites is fraudulent.

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