Secure access to the Deep Web or Darknet: How does this work?

How to secure access to the Deep Web? This is a question that is asked very often and for which we will have an answer today. In the course of this article, we'll show you how to access the darknet and protect yourself while browsing in this dark corner of the Internet. But for everything to become really clear we think it's better to start explaining what the Deep Web actually is.

What is the Deep Web?

Few people know it, but the Internet that most of the world knows is just the visible part of the iceberg. So you have understood that there is a much larger part below the water surface, which is larger but is also more in the dark. This is the Deep Web or the Darknet and we'll look at how to access it in complete security.

The darknet, as the name suggests, is the dark part of the Internet. The pages exist only in this area and are not listed and therefore cannot be found by normal search engines. In addition, it is impossible access the Deep Web with a normal browser. So we will see below how deal with this problem.

It should also be known that this dark area of the Internet is a playground for all kinds of dangers. In this area you will also find illegal traffic of all kinds: trade in drugs, weapons, counterfeit software and much more.

If you access the darknet without any protection, you are exposed numerous risks. We'll also see below how  access in complete security with the help of a VPN for iPad,Windows or MacOS such as ExpressVPN offers. But before that, we'll first look at how get into the deep web.

How to secure access to the Deep Web?

As we've seen above, not only is it impossible use a normal search engine in the darknet, but it's also impossible access it with a normal browser.

So how do you get into the darknet? In fact, there is a special browser designed access this hidden part of the Internet. This browser is none other than Tor, a tool that is very well known among advanced Internet users.

To access the Deep Web you have use Tor. This tool is essential if you want explore the shadowy part of the web. However, you should know that this tool does not necessarily protect you from the risks that exist in the darknet. We will now show you how get into the darknet in complete security.

How to use the Darknet in complete security?

As we have already said, the Deep Web is the hub for illegal activities on the Internet. You will find trade of all kinds there, even the one you can least imagine.

Even if you just look around there and don't do anything illegal once you're on the darknet you're not exposed  negligible risks. Among these risks are hacking attacks and the risk of being picked up by the authorities that control the Internet. So, how can this be avoided? That is what we are going to look at here.

There is only one solution to access the darknet in complete security, and this is to be incognito on the Internet. how? To do this, you will use a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

How can you get into the darknet on perfect Internet with a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that consists of different servers that are spread across different countries. By connecting to one of the servers, you get its IP address instead of its own. And since you do not use their real IP address you can surf the Internet completely securely. This has seen how to get incognito into the darknet.

But how can this guarantee their safety? In fact, absolutely no information that concerns you can be viewed on the internet, so the authorities that control the Internet do not know who you really are and can't even see when you commit crimes and so you absolutely can't prosecute.

For protection against hackers, however, it becomes a little more complicated. Because even if you use a fictitious IP address, it is possible that some hackers can still access their device. However, if you use a VPN that uses a tremendously good security system, it will be difficult to decrypt your data. So here you have seen how you can access the darknet in complete security.

Which VPN should I choose?

Now that you know how a VPN is able to protect you on the deep web, all you have to do is choose your provider. However, there is an enormous number of providers of a virtual private network on the Internet and the selection can prove very difficult.

The consequence for us is if you want to avoid advising on a VPN that neglects the security of the users, that we have decided to offer them a small selection. So here are the top 3 best VPNs.


So ExpressVPN is currently the best VPN in this category. It allows them to be incognito on the darknet and stay protected from hackers, let's look at how here. It is a virtual private network provider originating in the British Virgin Islands.

Thanks to the laws in force on these islands, he can afford not to store compromising information about his users. Thus, he can guarantee their anonymity online.

As far as security is concerned, ExpressVPN has made this one of its priorities. It currently uses the best-protected security protocol on the market, which is none other than the AES 256 bits encryption protocol.

The fact that we are sure that this is the best protocol at the moment is because this protocol is also used by the military to protect its confidential data. It is therefore a military-level security protocol.

If you want to access the darknet to download files that are not discoverable in the visible part of the Internet, ExpressVPN will be their best ally here as well. This VPN is definitely the one that currently offers the best speed on the market. This allows their downloads to be made faster.


In second place in our selection we have CyberGhost. He has convinced numerous Internet users in all continents of the world. This provider is best known for its excellent value for money.

Also CyberGhost offers a very good speed, which is able to guarantee their anonymity online and it is absolutely able protect you against hackers.

To take advantage of all the benefits of CyberGhost, you don't even have reach deep into your pocket. This provider offers prices that might not be more competitive and it will be difficult for you find something better here. Even if you find even lower prices, the quality of the service will never be the same as with CyberGhost.

In addition, this provider allows you  use its service for free for more than a month  access the Deep Web. how? CyberGhost offers a 45-day trial period with money back guarantee in case of non-satisfaction for all new users.

This is more than enough test all aspects of its service so that you can form your own opinion.


So we have NordVPN in third and last place. This provider was only founded in 2012,which makes it one of the last providers come the market of THE VPN. Nevertheless, in just 7 years, he has achieved what others have not been able achieve in 10 years. Let's start with its more than 5,400 distributed servers. This figure is currently the record on this point.

NordVPN is the best VPN when talking about security. He currently has a reputation for being the safest virtual private network on the market. And rightly so. You'll quickly understand why NordVPN has been able achieve such a good reputation in terms of security.

NordVPN offers an option called a dual VPN. It is an option that allows them protect themselves by a server that protects itself from another server.

He is also the only one who offers the option of VPN for Tor. It has certainly become clear them that this is an option that is specially optimized work in a perfect way and extremely protected for the browser of the Deep Web, Tor. So you've seen how you can surf comfortably and without risk in the hidden area of the Internet.

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