How to surf the Dark web: How does it actually work in 2021?

Surfing the Dark web: How does it actually work?

Anyone surfing Internet is giving away all kinds of data without appropriate safeguards. User profiles can be created from search terms entered in relevant search engines alone, which often leads to personalized advertising.

Once they have searched for flights to U.S., users are confronted with corresponding offers online almost every minute in days that follow. Anyone who wants comprehensive anonymity on World Wide Web will find a suitable place on Darknet.

But how exactly does dark Internet actually work? Is it even legal surf Dark web? Following guidebook gets to bottom of these questions. You will also learn how you can get into a Dark web.

What is the Dark web anyway and finaly how to surf the dark web?

Term Dark web evokes negative associations in many people: only criminals who want to buy or sell weapons or drugs would hang around there. That is opinion of many. In fact, however, it is basically just a network that allows users to surf anonymously.

Surfing the Dark web thus provides anonymity. Unlike Internet, which is commonly known to run through a central server, darknet surfing takes a different route.
Instead of using a central server, several private computers join together to form a network. Data can be made available and exchanged via each individual computer. This data is always encrypted.

mportant: If you surf on Darknet, your own data will be highly secure, but you will have to accept major losses in network speed.

Surfing the Dark web: How to surf the dark web?

In order to successfully surf on darknet, you first need to know how to access this network in first place. The Dark web is based on a so-called "Tor network". This is only way to access anonymous Internet.

For this purpose, you need download a so-called Tor Browser Bundle. It is a software that gives you access so that you can browse on darknet. This tool will connect your browser when you turn it on after successful installation.
Thus, it becomes possible surf on darknet. Thus, you can now access sites you know anonymously, but in actual dark web, domains are not accessed through a usual URL.

Pages of darknet always end with ".onion". There are different link lists, which show pages of Darknet. You can then use these links access the corresponding websites.

Surfing the Dark web: Legal or not?

Originally, surfing on darknet was meant protect journalists, whistleblowers and people living in totalitarian states. It was also meant be a place where people would not give away their data as they do when using internet.
Of course, this anonymity also provides a lot of space for criminal activities. Weapons, drugs and even human trafficking are organized via the Darknet. However, those who do not surf on relevant sites have nothing fear. Surfing the Dark web is not illegal per se.

Even though surfing on the Dark web is often associated with criminal activities, it should not be ignored when assessing the dark network that it can be a communication channel for the free expression of opinions in states where there is no freedom of opinion and freedom of the press.


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