Is it illegal to buy credit cards on the dark web also others goods?

Many have heard of the existence of a "dark side" of the Internet called "darkweb" (or "darknet"), and many are probably interested in what is happening there. We briefly sank to the bottom of the global web and collected information about what goods and services are most in demand there at the moment.

The most popular goods and services in the darkweb

Make a reservation in advance that we did not have the task of advertising the black markets of the darkweb or the darkweb itself. This material is not a call to master the dark depths of the Internet. We were interested in trends in the field of shadow and cybercriminal activities that affect the lives of both home and corporate users. We analyzed five popular forums and trading platforms in darkweb and established the number of messages for each type of goods and services. In some cases, only proposals that had been previously reviewed by the forums and resources administration were considered. The final list includes the following topics: drugs, weapons, cashing out money, scanned copies of documents, making fake passports and other official papers, conducting DDoS attacks, hacking social network accounts or email services, searching for information about a person, ransomware viruses, fake website pages, malware, botnets, bank cards and accounts, databases. People in a large case do not even understand that it is illegal to buy credit cards on the dark web or not.

Sale of data on bank cards

As always, popular offers for the sale of information on bank cards, most often credit. The list of information provided by the seller may include all the key parameters of the card: number, expiration date, name and surname of the holder, CVV-code, address, city, index, linked phone number, e-mail address and available limit on the card. Sometimes the seller conducts promotions: for example, by purchasing information about two cards and leaving a positive review, the buyer receives the data of the third card for free. Thus, we can say that the trends of modern marketing on the open Internet have reached the underground. The cost of data of one card can start from 5 US dollars. Among the most expensive is a package offer with data on 2 million cards for $ 2 million.

Sale of bank accounts

In this case, shadow sellers trade bank accounts with a certain amount on the balance, sometimes with the possibility of online access. Accounts with zero balance are also sold, but with a full set of data to work with them, including a bank card and a SIM card with a phone number attached. Most of the options found related to accounts in American and European banks. Prices for these offers start from 40-250 US dollars and reach about 7000 dollars (among those options that we were able to find).

Is it illegal to buy credit cards on the dark web? I think in this article we answered this question that you are buying everything exclusively illegal on the black Internet!

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