List of Darknet Markets (Tor and I2P) [Updated]

The Darknet Markets List is a list of 7 currently active markets. Checked!


Updated: 14.10.2020


Welcome to our Updating List of Darknet Markets! How can we improve it? Found broken links? Let us know in the comments!


  • There are no phishing links in the list!
  • Each link has been verified, viewed, registered and signed in for authentication. Please check it yourself if you are unsure.
  • Links in comments are NOT verified.
  • Don't be lazy! Before using any market on the darknet - study as much information about it as possible. Check out the market forum, market sub-reddit, and see our Darknet Market Comparison Chart (in progress, link to come later).
  • Use common sense and consider every market to be potentially fraudulent. NEVER store coins on these sites; Do not trust the guarantors of these sites and always use PGP!
  • Read and understand: Rules for Adding to the List of Markets and Stores (in development, link will be later), Rules for Adding Market Reviews (in development, link will be later)


PRIVACY TIP FOR DARKNET USERS : Use VPN + Tor . Don't fall for the false impression of security in the belief that Tor is sufficient for your safety. If you want maximum anonymity and privacy while on the Darknet, then you need to use a VPN with Tor. It is an invaluable tool in your fight for anonymity. Click here to find the best VPN for your privacy on the Darknet .


Refresh: 19.02.2022

Thief (market)
Darkway (market)
Torrez (market)
Apollon (market)
Darkwiki (market)
Monopoly (market)
White House (market)
Vice City (market)
Dark Fox (market)

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  1. Bronstep
    Hi! Good news!
  2. nword
    Add a link to ozone market, I cant find
  3. moneyslut
    Ill go and see whats there and how much)
  4. Vasiliy
    I took on the hydra Many times. Often faced with good faith work when wholesale. r n
  5. yaya
    Hello, maybe someone knows where to buy in Israel? Or maybe there is a link, thanks)
  6. Dimych
    Bomb list site darknet market))) I study ...
  7. Ilya
    Wow!Didnt know that there is such a rating of darknet stores!
  8. hatch
    Are these sites something like an online store on the darknet? I went in, added to the cart, dropped the Bitcoins and are waiting for delivery?
  9. Mitnik
    I was looking for a list of the darknet shopping site for a long time - I wanted to look for something would, I wonder what is there at all.
  10. Yula
    And these darknet markets are Russian? I have already bothered to translate into English ...
  11. Ruby
    I need darknet websites selling all sorts of substances. Are they?
  12. Oleg
    Here it, darknet market, online and up to date!)
  13. Techno<Am
    This is the same list of darknet sites in Russian, can you buy a type like an even?
  14. Alyonka
    Boys, have I got to the address? I need a darknet marketplace that sells round ones.
  15. hunter
    Hello everyone! I need a working darknet shop, I want to order fast!
  16. JO
    I was looking for darknet shopping sites and got directly to this page, now I will check if everything is really as they say here.
  17. Experienced
    I constantly use this list, here you can always find actual dark web sites.
  18. yaho
    In this list, as I understand it, you can find the darknet website, order something there and pick it up in the cache?
  19. Ivan
    Tell me, guys, is this the darknet shadow market? Everywhere they call it differently, the devil will break his leg.
  20. pp99
    Is this your vaunted darknet market?
  21. NASAR
    So this is how it looks, the black market is darknet. As I understand it, these are the very shops where you can buy various interesting products?
  22. tor5
    Guys who checked, are these working darknet sites? I would like to buy, but not down the drain ...
  23. Shout
    Darknet trading platforms appear and disappear - there is no time to follow this, but here everything is on a silver platter, a selected list of real workers stores.Class!
  24. begemoto
    A very useful list of darknet links to stores, the main thing is that it is reliable, and not like there are many different fakes on the network.
  25. Vita
    Ive been looking for a similar list of darknet shopping sites for a long time, and this is the best I could find so far!

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