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Today I will try to tell you how people earn without actually taking their ass off the chair. Some of what I described myself, some of it was told to me by my friend, let's call him Scott.Bill morning  begins at 12 noon, or even later, because he works mainly at night. This is not a prerequisite, he just likes it so much. Scott is an ordinary scammer, which, thanks to other people buy credit card online.

, earns about 50 thousand per month, and maybe more, because everything depends solely on him. Income to him brings not cashing out money, but quite a legitimate sale of the purchased goods on the best website to buy stolen credit card. And so, how does he do it?!

Scott buys information about cards  on specialized sites, where the cost of data of one card ranges from $ 5 - $ 10. How much money on the buy credit card online is unknown in advance. It can be $ 20, and sometimes $ 10,000. Calculations are mainly made in bitcoins. For their purchase or sale, Scott has a friend who takes 2% of the transaction.

The site introduced mandatory registration and there is an opportunity to open an account.

When you sit on such sites, do not be surprised that the same scammer will want to throw you. Several times, instead of these buy credit card online, Scott did not send anything, and a couple of times even hacked his account and stole money from the account. A person will not go to complain to the police that he was robbed on the site to buy these stolen cards. But it's not that simple. Scammers and hackers have everything with this, too.

A simple appeal to the administration of the site and after a while the money is returned to the owner.

After buying the data,  Scott  goes to foreign online stores and buys everything that can be easily sold. It can be perfumes, shampoos and shower gels, music CDs or records, books that are difficult to get here or cost a lot of money. Then he sells all this on the best website to buy stolen credit card or similar sites at prices below market prices. He did not invest his money., so it doesn't stay in the overhead. But the store may remain in the overhead, after making a purchase and sending the goods, a short period passes and the owner does not have time to react to the loss of funds from the card. But then, after contacting the bank, they send the so-called "charge" to the store. Charge is the bank's requirements for a refund in connection with fraudulent or other actions with the client's account. As a result, the client receives the money back, Scott receives his goods, and the store loses both. For a large network, this is not so terrible, but for small private shops that, for the convenience of the client, decided to get  the best website to buy stolen credit card, hard times may come until closure. One day this happened to a private office that  Bill worked with, buying for several thousand dollars. Saying this,  Scott,in my opinion, did not feel remorse and even slyly smiled so much.

More prepared in terms of security stores, before making a transaction, check the client. Once the store manager wrote him this letter of refusal: "You have Mexican card data, the Windows version is English, and you arrange delivery in  the USA. What else does it take to realize that this is a scam?" After that,  Scott decided to protect himself from all sides. Every month he buys vpn access (when the Internet access goes through a vpn connection, even your ISP will not see where the traffic is going).


Then he installed the Virtual box and put the English version of Windows on it. But the store is not asleep and several times he was asked to confirm his identity. It can be a photo with a passport or a photoand a receipt for payment for housing and communal services, they may even be asked to leave a phone number in order to make sure personally of your intentions (this is like a captcha, they say confirm that it is not a bot....) But this is not a problem.

 For such things, too, there is a specialized site. Access to it costs about $ 100 and just so you will not find it, because it is hidden in the depths of the Darknet. The site is a whole community of hackers, freelancers, and just people who are ready for a fee to do work that borders or goes beyond the law. So, if necessary,  Bill  goes there for help and for a few bitcoins he is ready to make any photo with the necessary data: a photo with a passport in his hands, with a receipt for payment or all together in addition to his beloved dog. Ready to take a call from the store for a small fee and confirm any information in any language.

It also happens that the shops, with at least a little security to themselves, limit the name of the countries to which they send the goods by mail. Once a French store categorically did not want to send him a parcel to the USA.So he wrote this address of receipt: Finland,  USA,,  New York and his street with further data. Those, not noticing the trick, send the parcel to Finland, and the Finns, seeing the further address and, thinking that the leguashatniki made a mistake, send the goods to the  USA.

Scott indicates the address and his name honestly, otherwise our mail will not receive the cherished parcel. Moreover, even having all the details of the fraudster's address, store owners can not do anything. They have threatened him and the FBI many times with punishments, everything is stupid. The fact is that the FBI deals with cases exclusively within the United States, Interpol has a lot of cases without it, and our police don't touch him because he doesn't deal with  USA cards. Sometimes with a large number of orders, Scott uses so-called drops. Dropers are people who, by friendship or for a certain fee, consent to the indication of their data in the "recipient" column and, accordingly, who eventually pick up his parcel from the mail.

Well, then, as I wrote above, the product is sold and everything goes on a new one. Moreover, Sanya saves money or spends it on her needs and never on the purchase of goods. Although he saved up money to open a small business, but he does not want to do anything else. For several years, he was so accustomed to this that nothing else he was interested in.

Well, that's about it.

P/S Try to live honestly. Well, my cat according to the tradition here.

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