My life in the States. A friend tried to buy license in the United States.

I think many have heard the myth that in the United States you can not buy license, but maybe this is not a myth? Recently, a friend of mine tested it, literally, on his own skin! I'll tell you about that today.

Probably new readers will not remember, but in the first year after moving here (in total we live in the United States for a little more than three years), we met a German uncle, I wrote about this meeting with a fellow countryman, after that we continued to communicate, but I did not write much more about him, recently an interesting story happened to him!

He needed to get a driver's license as quickly as possible, the shortest lines, so he tried with all his might, truth and untruth to solve this issue, about what he turned out or not, as well as about some of the subtleties of the process, I am going to tell you! Begin!

First of all, of course, he did not go to the department, but began to ask friends and acquaintances, it is curious that a good half of the idea did not appreciate, they say it is not right, pass it yourself, and the rest just shrugged their shoulders, saying that we passed ourselves, how and where to agree do not know, there are no acquaintances either. BUT still he managed to find a man from the department!

By department, I mean the department of vehicles, something like our traffic police on the police part like chasing violators, this is done by the police. It is this service that specializes in issuing buy license to citizens.

A friend brought him together with a guy from the department, though not with a bump, someone from the middle level, he has that, my friend and consulted!

As it turned out, it is very possible to buy license in the United States!

In fact, the guy from the department said in plain text that there were cases, even repeatedly, the rights were bought, without exams and other things, and with an official entry into the database, BUT!

This procedure is not frequent enough, so there is no pre-coordinated scheme and you need to agree every time as the first, it will take a lot of time, as he said a month, maybe more.

It's funny that for this month you can safely pass yourself, a driving school specifically for delivery in the United States is not needed, the time-out between retakes is small, and the delivery itself passes, as for me, a little easier than in the USA.

The second point - everything is solved with large cones, ordinary employees and inspectors here do not solve anything, respectively, large cones will not risk for the sake of a small amount, so it will be expensive.

According to his estimates, it can cost thousands of 20-30 dollars, you know, this is a six-month salary of the middle class, so probably those who buy rights in the United States are not simple people.

It's funny, a person from the department noticed that it is cheaper and faster to buy fake rights, they often catch those who travel with such for several years, since at each stop the number of rights on the base is not punched. Rights, exactly like other documents in the United States are actively sold, also cost money, you also need to know people, as well as it is very strictly punishable by law.

So it turns out that in the United States, rights are not bought not because it is not possible to do this, but because it is long and terribly expensive, although precedents happen, but probably this applies only to the golden youth, who would rather give a couple of tens of thousands than once again strain.

Or maybe the other way around? Rights are difficult to buy because people consciously try to surrender themselves and there is simply no demand for such a servant? Write in the comments your assumptions!

By the way, Ronald, the hero of today's article, is now handing over on his own!

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