New tool from Tor browser. Darknet sites are now more secure.

The Tor Project, the organization responsible for the Tor platform, has launched a campaign that will hang throughout August to encourage more Darknet sites to migrate to Onion. Called #MoreOnionsPorfavor, the initiative aims to make mirror (alternate) pages visible on a secure network, which will receive a special icon in the Tor browser address bar, inviting Internet users to access it with one click. Everything is very fast and simple.

“With protests erupting around the world, we know those in power are watching closely the struggle for a more just society. What we do on the Internet, where we are, the sites we visit, with which we communicate … This data is collected and analyzed to chart the social timeline of activists and is used to determine who to control, ”explains the team. behind the project. "The protests may end, but the metadata will last forever."

The campaign is mainly based on a new Tor Browser feature called Onion-Location. When a user visits a website accessible on the Onion network, he will be prompted to access this mirror, which is safer and less subject to government censorship. Among the names that have already joined the program are ProPublica, DEF CON, Privacy International and RiseUp.

To participate, simply create your Darknet sites on the Thor network, write a letter (hidden) and advertise on your social media page using the #MoreOnionsPorfavor hashtag. The Tor Project also intends to give gifts to some network operators in recognition of their help on a mission to make the Internet safer. You can find more information about the campaign on this page.


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