Orbot - How to surf anonymously Tor links with the Android app

Orbot minimizes the traces you leave on the Internet when browsing with browsers, whether you like it or not. Learn more about the privacy app and how it's used here.

Orbot: Tor links app for Android smartphones

Orbot is a free Android app that prevents websites and online services from identifying you by browsing through your IP address. This makes it difficult to collect data about you and thus better protects your privacy.

The app uses the Tor network for anonymization. When you visit a Website through Tor, you are not directly connected to the server, but will be directed through other network participants.

Only the last computer of this chain connects to the server. The operators therefore do not recognize who really accessed the website, as different network participants are intermediate.

Installing and setting up Orbot

You can download Orbot from Google's Play Store. A rooted device is not necessary. However, if you have root access, you can safely route all Internet traffic through Tor and use other functions.

After the first start, a dialog asks if you want to call Tor over a bridge. This is a server connected between your device and Tor links, which may be necessary if your provider blocks Tor links.

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