Sale and buy high quality counterfeit banknotes via darknet

Counterfeit money appeared a little later than humanity began to use banknotes to perform trading operations. And if earlier coins made of simple metals and having less weight than the originals were considered fake, today paper banknotes made on modern equipment are fake.

At the time of circulation of gold coins, counterfeiting was detected very simply. With the transition to paper money, the situation has changed dramatically: the picture is not gold, it is easier to fake. Which, by the way, was used not only by ordinary craftsmen, but also by the august monarchs. It is known for certain that Frederick II and Napoleon traded in counterfeiting.

It is known that at present in the countries of the East there is a group that produces fake dollars of ultra-high quality. Even an expert can hardly distinguish such a fake from real money: all types of protection are present on it.

Ways to sell counterfeit money

To date, the most frequently forged banknote in the world is $ 100. In our country - 100 rubles. Apparently, banknotes of this maximum denomination are accepted on the market without much verification. Remember at least that in stores check "for clearance" only five hundred and thousand-ruble bills.

I started using fake money about 3-4 years ago. Then, even in large supermarkets, in most cases, there was no special equipment, which is now actively used to identify counterfeit banknotes.

But time does not stand still. Therefore, to date, craftsmen have come up with a whole bunch of different ways of **** falsehood. In our country there are also a sufficient number of methods of selling counterfeit banknotes. In my experience, I have tried almost all of the currently known methods in practice, and now I want to share the most effective and safe with my readers. So, closer to the point:


1.  Purchase of equipment on website and other trading platforms.

Most often it is a technique, because it is expensive and it is easier to sell later. The security of this method lies in the fact that the sellers on such marketplaces are the same people as you, and I'm willing to bet that few of you have the equipment at home to detect counterfeit banknotes.

2. Exchange in "tents" on the outskirts of your city.

As a rule, it is just a storehouse of counterfeit banknotes. Often these are underground offices that exchange money at a lower rate than banks. Perfect for us.

3.  Buying things in Instagram stores.

A great way if the payment is made in person. The safety of this method has already been described above.

4.  Purchase of various things in stalls and kiosks

The longest way, since you will not be able to make expensive purchases in such places because of the banal low prices for the goods being sold. About ultraviolet light and it can not go.

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