Surfing with the TOR browser: How to access the dark web safely?

Surfing with the TOR browser: How to access the dark web safely?

Child pornography, violence, drugs and even more crime:  dark web is considered dark part of Internet that is better to "surf by". But anyone who thinks that the dark web is just a gathering place for criminals and "deep web" is dark web is wrong. Net World tells you what's behind dark web and how to access mysterious realm on Internet with TOR browser.

Many write or talk about dark web as "dark side of  Internet". dark web with light and darkness has nothing to do with it. You can think of darknet more as a network for anonymous and uncensored communication. Users use a special darknet browser, which is door to this network, so to speak. This works via certain darknet pages and darknet search engines. Some of them we introduce you to in this article.

How to access the dark web safely?

The darknet is often confused with deepweb. Deepweb is something else. Imagine Internet as an iceberg. The floating part you see above surface of water is "normal" Internet. These pages have been indexed and can be found via search engines.

Tip for security-conscious:  The best way to go to Internet is to use a VPN service. This provides better protection against unauthorized insights and attacks. At around 2-3 euros a month, the protection is cheaper than most Internet users think.

Back to Darknet: What is the difference to Deepweb? The Darknet and Deepweb are different on both technical and  content level. The Deepweb is accessible to everyone, for example via official Deepweb search engines for scientific research.

What makes the Darknet so interesting?

Many imagine darknet as a bleak place for criminals. But that is only partly true. The darknet is especially interesting for journalists, political persecutors in totalitarian systems, whistleblowers like Edward Snowden or "normal" users with a penchant for anonymity.

Of course, criminals have also discovered anonymity of  darknet for themselves. In 2013, for example, investigators used "Silk Road" to open up a multibillion-dollar digital black market for drugs and other illegal goods. Not only spectacular crime to play in depths of web. At least since  hack of Ashley Madison side-jumping portal or after  appearance of billions of records on darknet, hidden part of Internet is famous and notorious for criminal activities.

The Tor Browser hides your IP address as well as other information such as your location or country of origin for safe surfing Internet.

Three layers are put on above T-shirt and no one can see  pattern on shirt. This is how it works with your "ID" while browsing. The Tor project is largest darknet representative, with more than four million users (as of January 2018). The browser may be a little slower to browse "normal" pages due to high level of anonymity.

Is there a TOR browser for your smartphone?

But not only via PC you can surf in darknet, this is also possible with smartphone. All you need is a browser of  Tor project. The " TOR Browserfor Android" is suitable for Android smartphones. This connects Tor network and browser in an app.

Darknet pages and darknet search engines at a glance

You have no idea where to start? With a VPN, you can browse anonymously,but you can't call TOR network. For newcomers, therefore, following darknet websites and darknet search engines are particularly suitable for starting.

Is the darknet illegal?

Visiting darknet itself is not illegal. Search and buy illegal content such as child pornography, weapons or drugs on  darknet. A good comparison in terms of illegality and darknet is possession of a knife: sale, possession and regular use of knives is allowed. Accordingly, surfing on darknet. Threatening or injuring with a knife is a criminal offence, as is buying illegal items on darknet.

Security in the Darknet

For a normal user, darknet is a dangerous place and security should be a priority for laymen. If you are looking for some thrills and just want to "browse" something, then you should consider following tips:
•Don't trust anyone. You never have a clue who, for example, is behind a user name of a forum for intoxicants.
•Don't believe anything on darknet.
•Do not open social networks in the same browser. Log out of all social networks to visit the Darknet. Trackers and plugins on Facebook and Co can still track you.
•Absolutely no personal data entered anywhere. Be it just a mail address. Even the smallest information about you can tell you.
•Do not upload self-made photos or videos.
•Keep virus scanners and browsers up-to-date.
•Check downloads.
•Don't buy anything. Even if some goods seem legal, you can never really be sure.

A mentioned current virus scanner can be found in our selection list. If you want to surf anonymously without a Tor browser, we recommend setting up a proxy connection. Our proxy server list is also available.

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