Tails 4.14 - How to install and all about what you interested

If your own privacy is important and those who value anonymity when browsing the Internet, you need an operating system and software that make this possible - especially when you are on the go and using foreign computers. In this case, this program is a good choice.

Live Linux for the USB stick

The Linux distribution this program is a live Linux that, like Knoppix, you only have to copy to a USB stick or an SD card to boot from it. Alternatively, you can burn this program to DVD, but then the start takes longer and the use of this program is slower.

Software for Office and Network

If you are already familiar with Linux, you will find your way around this program. The "Applications" menu contains the corresponding open source software below the categories. Important programs can be found under "Favorites". Here you will find the e-mail client Thunderbird, the Tor Browser for surfing the Internet, the chat program Pidgin, the password management KeePassX as well as the terminal as command line program.

Under "System Tools" you can find the settings and the software center to install additional programs. Under "Accessories" there is a text editor and the file manager. If you want to create documents and presentations and perform calculations with a spreadsheet, you will find the Office Suite LibreOfficeunder "Office", which includes the necessary programs.

Safe surfing

The Tor Browser ensures anonymous browsing on the Internet. Because compared to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, the Tor Browser uses the Tor network. This obfuscates your own Internet address by establishing a data connection across multiple servers. The IP address is then used as that of the server from which the connection to the target server is established, i.e. the web server for the requested web page. Since the connection is automatically encrypted only in the Tor network, care must be taken that one generally uses a secure HTTPS connection.

However, one should know that HTTPS only represents an encrypted connection and not the seriousness of the website being accessed. In the meantime, phishing websites also use HTTPS connections.


To install this program on a USB stick or SD card on Microsoft Windows, download the freeware first and then copy the ISO with the Universal USB Installer to the removable media.

If you use Linux Mint, Ubuntu or Debian, you can install the "tails-installer" package via package management and download tails and install them on a USB stick. Alternatively, You can use this program in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox if you want to surf confidentially and share your computer with others.


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