The best tor search engine ever about Torch deep web search engine

The Tor search engine is not a traditional search engine as you might know it from Google, but can give you access to pages on the Internet that are not captured by Google or traditional search engines. These pages are anonymous, so to speak. As a result, illegal services are often offered here.

Nevertheless, the Tor search engine offers an incredibly high level of security and offers the user the possibility to surf completely anonymously. Therefore, the use of the Tor browser with the Tor search engine is often referred to as "private Internet". Nobody can record where you are signing up and which pages you are surfing on. The Tor search engine makes access to the so-called darknet pages possible, but this does not mean that you have to use it.

It is much more important that you dial into the Internet via several channels, so to speak, using the Tor browser. This is done via 3 independently connected free proxy servers, so you can't track which one you're really coming from, as only the direct connection can be tracked here. This is the point from which you access the proxy server, but it cannot be documented which one you used before. With the help of the Tor browser you can surf the Internet safely.

For this reason, the darknet is particularly popular among people who want to do business, who are legally in a grey area or are even illegal. Only access to the darknet, for example with a Tor search engine, is completely legal, but in principle various activities can be illegal. Here you always move in a grey area, because on the other hand the activities cannot be tracked. In addition to these possibilities, the Darknet also offers access to huge databases with a lot of information on all topics. The darknet is also used for journalists or for exchanging secret information.

Journalists can use the darknet to circumvent the laws on expression and sometimes publish very extremist information without committing any criminal offence. These databases are only accessed with a special search engine, as Google and Co. cannot access these pages and you will quickly notice here that you will not find what you are looking for with them. Using the Tor browser package, these search engines can be used and used. The Tor browser also offers the possibility to access the darknet pages on its/her/her/home- Try to enter a darknet domain into the address bar of your traditional browser and you will see that the browser cannot connect to the page. However, if you tip this domain in the Tor browser, you will come to a normal website. You can tell if it is a darknet domain when it ends on .onion.

What's the tor search engine?'

Well, once you have downloaded the Tor Browser, you quickly realize that you are quite thrown up without further help, because you simply do not know which page to go to and how to access so-called deep web pages, i.e. pages that are not captured by the search engines like Google. A helpful link here is the "Hidden Wiki", but you can't find the link to this page using a traditional search on Google. Here you have to look for pages that link to this page and have a large database of links that lead you to such pages. In principle, "The Hidden Wiki" is no different. On this page you will find links to sites where you can buy drugs, fake passports, weapons and much more. Of course, very few of them are serious. However, with a bit of research you will also find forum pages that run users, advertise recommendations for reputable pages and create infinitely long lists of dubious pages. A Deep Web search engine now allows you to find such links. There are different ones here and you should always use several. The Tor search engine, Torch, TorSearch would be examples of deep web search engines.



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