The black market of the Internet: what is the darknet and the deep web

Network anonymity on the darknet contributed to the development of the shadow economy, and with the advent of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies led to the emergence of so-called crypto markets in the "dark web". Cryptomarkets are trading platforms that operate as a black market. On such sites sell illegal or limited in circulation, according to the legislation of a particular country, goods and services.

Most often these are fake documents, weapons, prohibited substances, malicious software, breaking through data, hacking social networks and other hacker services.Trading platforms most often act as intermediaries between anonymous users - buyers and sellers. In addition to items prohibited for sale, they are: stolen things, smuggling, bank cards issued on dummy people, databases, insider information, prohibited materials (music, cinema, literature), fake money, documents, precious metals, art objects - and so on ad infinitum. It is easier to list all the things that CANNOT be bought on the darknet. If there is demand, there will be supply.

Scammers on the darknet Naturally, buying something darknet is a very dangerous occupation. And it's not just about illegal goods and services. Deep Internet of this level is completely anonimen, so there is no guarantee that the seller will be an honest person. Many platforms are made on the principle of p2p-trading platforms, where the administration does not sell goods and services directly to the user, but only brings together the seller (fraudster?) and the final buyer. The reliability of the transaction is ensured by the "reputation institute". Most often, sellers have a rating of "reliability", and there are also customer reviews. The more reliable the seller, the more positive the reputation. It's the same with the buyer. Therefore, buying something cheaper from a seller with a low rating, the client risks falling for a scammer.

But even when you buy from a relatively "reliable" seller, there are no absolute guarantees that he will not deceive anyone at the last moment.

Cryptocurrency The main means of payment on the black market in DeepWeb is bitcoin and other anonymous cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin protocol has a number of important features that make it an indispensable type of money on the shadow Internet, namely: Anonymity. Since the sending of virtual currency is carried out from one anonymous bitcoin address to another, it can be difficult to establish the true owner.

 Modern cryptocurrencies, such as Z-cash or Monero, have an even greater degree of information protection, privacy and anonymity compared to BTC. Decentralization. Unlike conventional money, BTC is not dependent on government financial regulators like central banks or the Fed. Its emission is carried out by ordinary users as a result of mining. Emission is limited, unlike paper currency. Peer-to-peer network. Simply put, you transfer a certain amount of crypto directly to another user, bypassing banks, the state and other financial intermediaries.

Remember that money transfers in bitcoin are irreversible. This means that the user can not cancel an already completed transaction, which is what many scammers use, requiring one hundred percent prepayment for goods and services. How to get into the shadow Internet Usually for this purpose use special software, such as "onion browsers" (The Onion Router), torrent protocols, VPN services and other software that promises anonymity. Of course, we will not list specific programs. But let's dwell on the features of the work. The main need of darknet users is to hide any network information on the basis of which they can be identified, for example, real IP addresses.

Therefore, darknet software encrypts data. A decent "onion browser" should be able to distribute traffic between nods (they are also sometimes called repeaters). The search query receives the input note and passes it to the next repeater. The traffic is "wrapped" in several layers on different servers, and you can only calculate the final note from which the data is transmitted to the final domain. Naturally, specialized browsers are used in conjunction with VPN services and other means of protection.

On the one hand, there are terabytes of illegal content on the darknet, databases are sold, hackers and scammers are operating. It would seem that everything is quite unambiguous, but you can look at the darknet from a different angle. Free journalists and bloggers often post materials and investigations on the black market, since a high degree of anonymity avoids government censorship. In some particularly authoritarian countries where human rights are not respected, the darknet is one of the few opportunities for independent exchange of information.

If you have heard about WikiLeaks, then know that the success of this informal organization is associated with the "shadow web".e Do not think that the darknet is ONLY all illegal and dangerous. Of course, the black market is huge, but on the scale of all information, dipweb is only a tiny part. Many closed anonymous darknet communities discuss network security, politics, business, finance, programming, technology, and so on. In short, these are closed forums where people share their knowledge at a professional level, for various reasons wanting to remain anonymous and inaccessible to others.

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