The cheapest passport to buy in europe: we are considering fast option

How much does the cheapest passport to buy in europe?

Let's just say - a lot (and in time it can take several years). Our company will help to collect all the documents and the cheapest passport to buy in the legal and fastest way. Passports in the EU: features of different countries Want specific examples? Here they are: the cheapest passport to buy 2021 in Bulgaria through the purchase of real estate (this is one of the most affordable options), you will have to pay about 100,000 Euros.

If you want to become the owner of this cherished document through investment, you can consider the option with Hungary. In the best case, through obtaining a residence permit (which will take several years) will have to spend from 250,000 Euros. You can try to become a citizen of the European Union, for example, through opening a business in Poland.

Here, too, as in the previous case, you will have to wait some time (to work "for the benefit of the country's budget"). And according to the most conservative estimates, this "wait" will go from 4,000 Euros annually to maintain the business. There is another option. And it is successfully used by many residents of the post-Soviet space. This is obtaining a passport through Romania.

EU citizenship: the price of the issue and its features when obtaining through Romania Having a Romanian passport in your hands, you get rights similar to any citizen of EU member states. This document makes it possible to move freely around the European Union, work in its member states, get an education there, conduct business, etc. How much does an the cheapest passport to buy in this case? The practice of our clients, whom Euroved assisted in obtaining Romanian citizenship, shows that this takes an average of about 3000-4000 Euros (the figures are approximate and depend on a number of individual factors for each client).

These are the costs of the entire process, which includes: Preparation of the documents necessary for applying for citizenship, including the search for Romanian roots for the accelerated receipt of a passport under Article 10 of the "Law on Citizenship" of this country. Support of clients at the stage of submitting a document, in preparation (learning the basics of the language, for which 5-8 lessons are enough, etc.) and taking the oath. Assistance in obtaining a Romanian birth certificate, passport, passport and other documents.

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