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The Hidden Wiki - Darknet Wikipedia was last updated on 28.07.2016 and is available here for direct online use.

The CHIP editorial team says:

In the free web app "The Hidden Wiki" you will find a collection of links from different categories from the darknet.

Darknet Wikipedia

The web app "The Hidden Wiki" is a collection of links from the darknet, which lists the largest websites from the "Hidden Services", i.e. those web addresses that end in ".onion" and can only be accessed via the Tor network.

The web app visually resembles Wikipedia,except that "Darknet Wikipedia" is a collection of links to the most important and largest sites from the darknet. The links are by categories, such as marketplaces, blogs, forums or emails.

Bottom line for Darknet Wikipedia

"Darknet Wikipedia" gives users with no experience on the darknet an overview of existing pages. However, make sure that illegal content may also be found there.

In order to access the web app "Darknet Wikipedia", you need the Tor Browser.

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