The most popular darknet sites: You've already surfed the number 1

Thanks to constant negative headlines, the darknet is known as a paradise for shady figures. But trade portals for arms deals or drugs are by no means the really frequently visited addresses on the darknet sites. The top sites have nothing to do with illegal business.

A part of the Internet that is not so easy to access and in which mainly illegal transactions take place - that's how some people would probably describe the darknet. However, this is far from being the case, because a large part of this anonymous network consists of completely legal sites.

For example, the social network Facebook is one of the most popular addresses on the darknet, which are accessed via the Tor Browser. This part of the Deep Web has nothing to do with illegal activities. Rather, Facebook can only be reached through it in countries such as China, Iran or even parts of Africa. The anonymity offered by the Tor network, which some criminals exploit on the darknet sites, is the only way for millions of others to circumvent government censorship. But other addresses also offer good and legal options to users who appreciate or need anonymity - in the table we have compiled the most popular ones for you.

Surfing with the Tor Browser: The most popular sites on the Darknet


What's there to see?

Link in the Darknet

Facebook over Tor

The social network: the most popular website on the Deep Web

To the website


Send files completely anonymously to other users

To the website

Confidant Mail

Anonymous open source mail provider for private mail

To the website

New York Times

The US newspaper has had access via Tor since 2017

To the website


Directory of links from the darknet

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Search engine for the darknet shows links that you can't find with Google

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Blockchain for Bitcoins

Website of a Bitcoin provider with security certificate

To the website


The Google Alternative is also available on the Deep Web

To the website


Pulitzer-winning news portal with darknet website

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Tor founders are concerned about Tor's reputation

The darknet sites made headlines when marketplaces such as the Wall Street Market,where drugs and illegal services were offered, were closed by investigators.

Roger Dingledine, the developer and co-founder of the anonymization service Tor, which is a prerequisite for access to the darknet sites, sees Tor wrongly branded negatively. At the Def Con 25 hacking conference in Las Vegas in July 2017, he spoke out clearly against the Bad Reputation of the Tor Project and presented for the first time figures showing a different picture of Tor.

Tor is used by around two million people every day. However, the vast majority only use the proxy network to browse on well-known websites anonymously and to be spared, for example, from state censorship. Only 1-3 percent of Tor users surf pages on the Onion network (the darknet in the true sense).

And there, too, there are not only shady pages: The most popular site is the Onion version of Facebook,about 1 million users are supposed to visit there regularly. Accordingly, neither the download of the Tor browser nor a detour to the darknet sites are illegal - only dubious links and shops should be left to the fingers.

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