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SunriseWeeds Coffeeshop
•Shipping from USA
•Wide choice and safe shipping

Buy Darknet Guide - up-to-date information on sellers and prices in Germany

Candyshop darknet marketplace

TOR: http://candyshx47qvn2ebky5f52d22llknc3r7xvtwe2lglgrtji4w5r7ntqd.onion/


White House Market


BitMix Bitcoin Mixer / TOR Wallet

Bitcoin mix - pay securely on the darknet

DarkNet: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion

Darkway market. http://dwayoz4ucb4nszmi.onion

Range of services: counterfeit money, buying citizenship, loans, documents, earning schemes, as well as selling cars and Apple equipment. Anonymous resource with encryption and built-in chat. You can open a store for free.

For security, we recommend anonymizing all Bitcoins before they are sent to a market. This makes ordering much safer:

Already known:

drug trafficking

A large part of the goods traded on the darknet are drugs and drugs. The Global Drug Survey 2015 gained many exciting insights through systematic surveyof drug dealers and users in the darknet. Thus, the main reason why trading on the darknet is being avoided is the increase in personal security. The environment around Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts, who operated silk road, one of the largest drug-trafficking hubs on the darknet, argues that this can be a win for all parties. The fact that one's own identity remains hidden and that drug abuse can be hidden from the environment are other drivers.

Basically, virtually all drugs are traded on the darknet. Of course, cannabis (weed and hashish), MDMA,cocaine and heroin are particularly popular. There are several reasons for these enormous discrepancies. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that most traders grant volume discounts. If you only want to order one sample, i.e. a sample, the costs are usually disproportionately high. If you buy cocaine in the kilogram range, you can get into the business much more cheaply. A systematic analysis shows that certain traders are offsetting themselves when defining the volume rebate. From time to time, when you buy two kilograms of opium, you pay less per gram than you do with five kilograms. Automated evaluations of transactions suggest that errors of this kind are not systematically perceived and exploited by other traders (cheap purchase, expensive resale).

Furthermore, the quality of the product is of course crucial. Crystal meth is of course worth more on the darknet marketplace than an unclean product. Some retailers advertise their products with purity information. Typically, these are embellished to justify higher selling prices. It is precisely this factor that makes it very difficult to compare supposedly identical products. Most professionalized marketplaces offer valuation and commenting capabilities for buyers to estimate quality.

Finally, the shipping conditions are decisive for the price of a product. Depending on the origin and destination of an order, different risks may apply, which in turn will have a direct impact on the price of a product.

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