Thoughts about carding and driving. How to find a carding forum 2021 year

Carding can be attributed to different areas of activity: various manipulations with BA and payment systems, real carding, all sorts of high-tech things with the drive of virtual goods and bypassing vbv and 3ds, withdrawal through exchangers with bypassing VBV and 3 DS and rendering (only for European cards), smart schemes with dropshipping. All this with the right approach is effective, but requires just an immeanable amount of knowledge and good analytical skills. To do this and earn money on it you need to be a good engineer and a good manager, the logic must be at the level. Ram in these areas, except for the turyagi, does not shine at all.

Unfortunately, many people can’t what immediately understand what is the carding forum 2021 as only a stupid drive into shops, or other services of these stolen cards.

The purpose of the article is to save people who have decided to do this, or even with varying success are engaged, from illusions. To reduce the number of letters, I will immediately list what is NOT worth doing, but what is worth.

Buying goods in the shop yusy for mat yusy. Not effective.

-Problems with delivery to the CIS and customs, because all unofficial channels of delivery bypassing customs in connection with the crown are blocked.
-Low-quality mat.
-Very large deductions (more than 20% of the value of the goods in the shop) drop-sent to offices.
-Inability to buy an expensive popular (liquid) product, which is only bought by misers in the United States. Remember once and for all: if you can't beat VBV/3 DS, you can get it on carding forum 2021 year  then you won't be able to buy liquid goods. Even if a couple of times you accidentally managed to buy such a product, do not lie to others that you get it regularly. In short, it's impossible, don't even waste your time. Only sending cheap (up to 400 bucks) illiquid to their country with subsequent resale through bulletin boards.

In short, not in the pussy, not in the red army. Even a homeless person in a landfill will earn more than you, trying to regularly break through the strong wall of circumstances with your forehead that will not allow you to work stably. Yes. Old carders still work and even earn something, BUT with such labor costs in other areas, you can earn 10 times more. For a beginner, an attempt to card in this way is not earnings, but only losses, 100% of their money.

Purchase of goods in the shop yusa for euro mat. Not effective.

Same as on the mat yusy, except AVS. Well, even shops that accept Euro are more difficult to find. But you can’t find that you can find it on carding forum 2021. In general, it is more effective and tempting than having driven the mat yusa into the shops of yusa, but still it is not good for anywhere.
And the most important disadvantage - to find a mat of Europe, high-quality and for a sane price, is almost impossible.

Any dreams of cashing out the cards of Yusa, Europe and any others. Not effective. Absolutely not realistic. Don't even try. AVS and 3 DS won't let you do that. You can't get around them. The pros bypass that, without any stability. But you're up to those pros like Alpha Centauri on foot.
Manual pos terminals in offline stores, driving these cards through a tablet, or on the page of a private entrepreneur yusy - also not realistic. You will not be able to remotely access fake data, tie your bank, call and meet with managers, etc. Stripe, like a hassle-free merch - here. Do not dream of the impossible. NOT REAL !!!
We need our own person in the United States. It's the lot of the pros. Beginners suck. Don't even dream.

Now about what is effective. Total 2 destinations:

1 - By entering the cards of any country into low-ranking mobile games with the subsequent sale of game items. Find the rating of mobile games and start trying to hammer into games that are in the ranking of 80th place and below. 80 - 120 places - I would take. It is better to buy for the purposes of entering other people's akki games with brutus, on which some cards were already tied and something was bought. Your goal is to find mobile games that don't require vbv/3ds when snapping a map.
The plan of action is as follows. You go down the list. Regaet ak mobile game. Try to tie your own card. If you fuck your brains, you create a topic about buying a request from valid mail. Buy, find where there have already been purchases, tie your cc, enter. Learn all the nuances.

2 - By entering the maps of any country in china shops. Brutal or buy requests for China shops, where there have already been purchases. Tie your card. If it does not require vbv / 3 ds - this is our option. Learn in practice all the nuances of working with a particular Chinese shop. You write everything down and regularly study your records. Manuals for carding and working with shop in the public above the roof. About the study of shops there is also.
Effective in the event that there are no questions about the goods at customs. If you overpay drop-send to offices, you will be at a loss. Work through official white mediators and mail forwards - yes, it's not anonymous and it's not safe, but otherwise you'll go to a loss, so you'll have to sacrifice something. Choose only those categories of goods that you can resell in your country.

That's ALL, folks. There are no more directions worth your attention and related to the drive. Don't even look. Everything I wrote is true. Save your time. Choose only highly effective methods of work. No need to exchange for all sorts of crap. I didn't write anything here technically. Neither about the proxy, nor about setting up the system, nor about bypassing the anti-fraud did not write, nor about the search for shops. Read the carding manuals. Everything is there. I wrote about those areas that are drawn up and which should not be engaged at all.

There are only two effective directions: china shops, mobile games. Everything else is not effective. But even working in effective areas for example on carding forum 2021, do not dream of earning consistently 2 - 3 thousand dollars a month. Big money and carding are not compatible things. Stability and carding are not compatible things. If you argue, let's go straight with the proofs of your stable earnings. And what I myself do in life is not your business. Anyway, I'm not snaing snail.

Say thank you to me for saving you from bad thoughts in your head and from ridiculous, unrealistic, naive plans to get rich by doing this crap. Value your time. You can't buy it for money.

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