Top links 3.0 onion of the best dark web directory ever you seen

When I first started learning DarkNet, at first I thought there was nothing interesting there. However, when I delved deeper, I found on sites in the Dark Web a huge amount of really useful and interesting information.

For this reason, you should not think badly about a particular site if you do not find the information of interest on it. It is possible that the content is simply closed from unnecessary eyes, such as law enforcement.

In this case, I recommend registering on the website and only then following the instructions that will become available after this procedure.

All information is provided for informational purposes only. Neither the editorial board nor the author is responsible for any possible harm caused by the materials of this article.

But I will immediately note that not all sites and forums can be simply taken and visited. Some sites can be accessed only after one of the participants sends you an invite or after paying for access to the content.

Of course, if possible, I will try to exclude such web resources from my list. However, I will tell you about the most interesting sites.

How do I access onion sites on the DarkNet?

Below I published Top links 3.0 onion sites, so you will not be able to visit them using a regular browser, because the domain zone .onion recognizes only Tor. But you can download and configure Tor Browser to visit them.

About how to do this - I wrote in a previous article, which is called "How to use Tor Browser?". From it you will learn how to install, configure and use the Thor browser on Linux, Windows, IOS and Android.

It is important that you initially understand that absolutely any website owner has the ability to deanonymize your identity on the shadow network, so it would not hurt to start by installing some kind of VPN.

List of the best sites in the Dark Web

I will not publish links to sites that sell drugs, weapons and forged documents, because you can find this good yourself in Telegram, as well as on the expanses of both German-language and English-language Internet.

The purpose of this article is to provide links to interesting Top links 3.0 onion sites on the Dark Web, not to meet the needs of drug addicts, scammers and pedophiles.

To66 - Tor66 - Search and Find .onion websites

AHMIA  - AHMIA - Search Tor Hidden Services

OnionLand Search - OnionLand Search

TorDex - TorDex - The Uncensored Dark Net Search Engine

Raklet - Raklet, Accurately fast search engine

The Deep Searches - The Deep Searches

TORCH - TORCH - Tor Search Engine

Abiko  - abiko — #1 Tor search engine

Google.onion - Google.onion

Excavator - Excavator - search in darknet

Sentor - Sentor — Fast and Safe

Torgle  - Torgle - The Dark Web Search Engine

Demon Search Engine - Demon Search Engine

Tornet Global Search - Tornet Global Search

GoDeep - GoDeep

Submarine - Submarine - Search for Hidden Services

MetaGer - MetaGer - Mehr als eine Suchmaschine

Phobos - Phobos DarkNet Search

Haystak - haystak: the darknet search engine

OSS - OSS - Onion Search Server

GDARK - GDARK - Darknet Search Engine

GVenus - GVenus Onion Search Engine

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